Being a bibliography of books wherein the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), Renaissance Fairs, or similar groups are mentioned:

The following list is the result of contributors from around the 'net. The extent to which the above-mentioned groups, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, appear in the books varies. The accuracy of the list is not guaranteed. If you have any books you would like to add to the list, any corrections, or can describe where or how the SCA is used in these books, please send the details to:


Beagle, Peter S., The Folk of the Air. Ballantine Books; ISBN: 0345337824. 1986. Out of print.

Bird, Sarah, Alamo House.

"- feminist take on Animal house, has a minor character who's dead-on for those people who make the SCA their life a little too much. At the end of the book, the campus misfits take on the frat boys, with the help of the SCA." (cont: Margo Anderson)

Bird, Sarah, The Boyfriend School.

"One of the characters is a very sucessful romance writer who's an SCA member."(cont: Margo Anderson)

Bird, Sarah, The Mommy Club.

"One of the main characters works the Ren Faire circuit." (cont: Margo Anderson)

Blake, Katherine, The Interior Life: A Quest.. Baen Books; ISBN: 0671720104. 1990. Out of print.

Boyett, Steven. Ariel: A Book of Change. Ace Books; ISBN: 0441029221. Out of print.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The House Between the Worlds. Doubleday; ISBN: 038512936X. 1980. Ballantine Books; ISBN: 0345316460. 1988.

Clarke, Arthur C. 3001: The Final Odyssey. Hardcover: Del Ray; ISBN: 0345315227. 1997. Paperback: Balantine Books (Mm); ISBN: 0345323496. 1998.

- the protagonist has a brief entanglement with a virtual-dragon-riding Lady of the 24th century SCA.

Cook, Rick. The Wizardry Cursed. Baen Books; ISBN: 067172049X. 1993.

Edgehill, Rosemary:
The Sword of Maiden's Tears (Twelve Treasures #1)
DAW Books October 1994 (paperback) ISBN: 0-88677-622-8
The Cup of Morning Shadows (Twelve Treasures #2)
DAW Books December 1995 (paperback) ISBN: 0-88677-671-6
The Cloak of Night and Daggers (Twelve Treasures #3)
DAW Books (paperback) 1/97 ISBN: 0-88677-724-0
The Empty Crown (All three Twelve Treasures)
SF Book Club, August 1997 ISBN: 1-56865-048-5

- some of the heroes and heroines belong to the SCA. (Contributed by Laura Haran, 4-Sept-2003)

Ford, John M. How Much for Just the Planet (Star Trek, No. 36). Pocket Books; ISBN: 067172214X. 1990.

- makes a reference to the Society for Chilvalric Atavism.

Gallagher, Diane G. Milady Alex! (Secret World of Alex MacK, No 15). Minstrel Books; ISBN: 0671006843. 1997. (NB: juvenile)

Heinlein, Robert A. The Number of the Beast.. Fawcett Books; ISBN: 0449130703. 1989.

Heydt, Dorothy J. A Point of Honor. New American Library; ISBN: 0886777917. 1998.

Lackey, Mercedes and Ellen Guon. Summoned to Tourney: An Urban Fantasy. Baen Books; ISBN: 0671721224. Out of print.

McCrumb, Sharyn, Bimbos of the Death Sun and Zombies of the Gene Pool

Two hilarious mysteries that poke fun at SF writing, fandom, and D&Ds, and mention, briefly, SCA or SCA-like groups in various contexts.

McCrumb, Sharyn, Highland Laddie Gone. Ballantine; ISBN 0-345-36036-2

This one has just a brief reference to the SCA, but is set at a Highland festival. (cont: Kimberly Gilbert)

Niven, Larry. Cloak of Anarchy (short story, found in collections: Tales of Known Space, N-Space, and Three Books of Known Space).

"At one point as the main character is walking through the free park, he notices a group of SCAdians having a fighter practice." (Contributed by M. Butter, 4-Sept-2003)

Niven, Larry, Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn. Fallen Angels . Baen Books; ISBN: 067172052X. 1991.

Pournelle, Jerry. Exiles to Glory. Baen Books; ISBN: 0671721992, 1993. Out of Print.

Pulver, Mary Monica. Murder at the War: A Modern-Day Mystery with a Medieval Setting. (also released in paperback under the title Knightfall). St. Martins Press; ISBN: 0312006225. Out of print.

- a mundane murder occurs at Pennsic. Supposed to include many lightly veiled references to real people in the SCA.

Also mentioned briefly in others by Pulver: The Unforgiving Minutes (Diamond Books; ISBN: 1557736863. 1992); Ashes to Ashes (St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 031202164X. 1988.); Original Sin (Walker & Co.; ISBN: 0802757707. 1991); Show Stopper (Walker & Co.; ISBN: 0802732100. 1992.)

Sizemore, Susan. After the Storm. Harper Prism; ISBN: 0061082058. 1996

Sizemore, Susan. Wings of the Storm. Harper Mass Market Paperbacks; ISBN: 0061080136. Out of print.

- "Sizemore's characters belong to a Medieval reenactment group." (cont: Gisele Barrentree)

Sucharitkal, Somtow. Mallworld. Tor Books; ISBN: 0812555139. 1984. Out of print.

Stasheff, Christopher. Escape Velocity. ACE Charter; ISBN: 044121603X. 1995.

Weber, David. Honor Harrington Series (individual title unknown). Baen Books.

- "Honor is a crack shot with an old 20th century pistol, and explains that she has an uncle in the SCA" (cont: Russ Gilman-Hunt)

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