Early 16th Century Italian Costume (1490-1530): A Portfolio of Images

This site contains images from paintings the late 15th and early 16th century by artists working primarily in the mid- and northern regions of Italy. (Well that's the plan anyway--right now there are just a couple of images!)
Venetian Lady, Albrecht Durer, 1495
(Newton, fig. 14)
The very high waisted style (see bodice detail) and hair style are typical of Venice during a farily short period at the end of the 15th century. This corresponds in time to the Carpaccio picture of two women on a balcony. This gown is the closest I have seen to the Simplicity pattern #8735, although the construction would be somewhat different: the under bodice line is straight, there are three layers (chemise, undergown, and overgown), there are no bodice darts, etc.
Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, Lorenzo Lotto, 1521
(Humfrey, pl. )
In this detail we see Mary and St. Catherine. Mary wears scarlet wool with blue silk undersleeves and yellow/orange silk oversleeves (see shoulder detail). I theorize that the gown is front laced with a panel covering the lacing. 
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother, Lorenzo Lotto, 1521
(Humfrey, pl. )
This detail shows the donor witnessing the scene in a silk gown with huge sleeves. Is the white undersleeve the chemise? If so, are the salmon-colored cuffs a pari of scoggers? or is the salmon color the indergown, with a white silk middle gown?
St. Nicholas Alterpiece, Lorenzo Lotto, 1527-9
(Humfrey, pl. )


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