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My bookmarks to The Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), devoted to recreating the better bits of pre-1600 European life.

Virtual Known Worlde

SCA Home Site
East Kingdom Site
Mountain Freehold (northern VT)
A file with some links, resources, bibliography, etc. prepared for a class: medieval-clothing-resources

Images of Costume, Culture, Pavilions, etc.

Art Galleries
Web Gallery of Art
Carol (Jackson) Gerten's Fine Art site
Jim's Fine Art Collection
Citta Dell'Arta, works listed by artist
The Uffizi Virtual Gallery
1200 Years of Italian Sculpture
Yahoo's Painters Guide
Olga's Gallery
The Artchive (was Texas Museum of Art)
Links to Medieval Art Galleries
Lorenzo Lotto Exhibit, National Gallery
Age of King Charles V (1338-1380): 1,000 Illuminations. (Slow)
Costume Explorations
Tudor Gowns: A Portfolio of Images: from early 16th century England focusing on women's clothing of the period.
Tudor Gable Headdress: images from early 16th century England focusing on this distinctive headwear. (In progress)
Tudor Gable Headdress Illustrated: Step by Step Directions (in progress)

Men's and Women's Work Clothing: A Portfolio of Images: focusing on outdoor working clothing from a variety of periods

10th and 11th Century Clothing in England: A Portfolio of Images - a collection of images from manuscripts and sculpture.

15th century women's clothing: another collection, this time focusing on the 15th century. The images are sorted by gown style, roughly, houpellande, Burgundian (early and late) and kirtle.

Early 16th century Italian: a collection of images from various parts of what is now Italy, from 1490-1530. Again, just a couple images, more to come some day.

Penelope's odd dress from the Medieval Women calendar.

Drea's Elizabethan Corset pattern generator.

Marc Carlson's Shoe Page

Fabric Sources Online (was Phoenix Textiles):
The Linen Store:
Fashion Fabric Club:
Denver Fabrics:
Fabric Club:
Class Act Fabrics:
Fabric Direct:
Fabric Mart:
Delectable Mountain Cloth (Brattleboro!):
Dharma Trading:
Thai Silks:
Hyena $ilks: (stripes, taffetas, gorgeous)
Rupert, Gibbon, and Spider:
Istok Enterprises (brocades):
Linen Web:
Designer Fabrics (pricey):

Fine cottons, etc. (for much later period wear!):
Farmhouse Fabrics:
Garden Fairies Trading Company:
Heirloom Sewing:


Castiglione, Baldassar. The Courtier (Hoby trans.)


A Sonnet written for Panteria III

SCA in Fiction

Bibliography wherein SCA or like-groups are mentioned

This file is a catch-all of my bookmarks related to the SCA, compiled 1998., U of Vermont.