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It's work, it's school, it's life. Where does the official end and the personal begin. I don't know. It's a web! My ancient main web sites can be accessed through Hope Hall for the Humanties.

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Personal Data from our campus directory

I am currently a Humanities Computing Specialist in the Academic Computing department of Computing and Information Technologies at the University of Vermont. Came from SUNY at Stony Brook's School of Medicine (several years as a systems support person and before that, in the pre-personal computer days, a financial/budgeting number cruncher type). Here is a semi-formal resume/vita as well as my Graduate Student Portfolio.

Latest project:

Virtual Electronic Text Center and the truly experimental version at my server

Plans, Activities, etc.


We Built It. Where are They? Text Encoding and the Humanities Scholar a poster session for the ACH/ALLC conference at the University of Virginia, June 9-13, 1999.

"Of Bodies Chang'd to Various Forms, I Sing:" The World Wide Web and the Metamorphosis of Humanities Scholarship (presented as part of the closing plenary session at the International Online Meeting, London, Dec. 7, 1996. (presentation slides)

Research and Scholarship in the Arts and Humanities: Can Home Pages Replace Tome Pages?

The Ovid Project: Metamorphosing the Metamorphoses (presented at the 2nd International World Wide Web Conference, Chicago, October 1994)

Review of  "The Social Impact of Computers" by Richard Rosenberg. In CD-ROM Professional 7 (January 1994): 182.

Other presentations/projects/proposals
(I do a variety of sessions at UVM on IT topics. Some I save, some I don't. Here are a few.)

Handyperson's Guide for Remodeling Netscape - session for Mastering the Maze 1999
Using the Web for Research - Spring 1999 (replaces older version from previous year) (also see subject specific slide for presentation to ENVS 151
Text + Context = Etext: Scholarship in the Information Age - Two sessions on creating scholarly electronic texts. Fall 1998.
IT@UVM: By Monday, all this may be wrong. - For Fall 1998 Graduate Student Reception.
Center for Teaching and Learning, Technology in Context Workshop, Jan 1999. Session on Improving Student Particpation
What the 'L? SGML, XML, HTML and the TEI - Spring 1998
How I Spent my Summer Vacation - slide show for final day of the CETH Summer Seminar on Electronic Texts, Summer 1997
VETC Summer Institutes '97 - a one week workshop for K-12 teachers on creating web pages (Sum 1997)
Session for the K-8 teachers at Pomfret School on web resources for teachers - Spring 1997
Creating Your Graduate Student Web Portfolio - Fall 1996
Syllabus for Religion 131 - Fall 1996
VETC Summer Institutes '96 - a one week workshop for K-12 teachers on creating web pages (Sum 1996)
Orientation session "Getting Online at UVM" - a Spring 1996 variation on a recurring theme
ITEC proposals that went nowhere - but that might still contain good ideas (Fall 1995)

Trip Reports
(other travel/presentations are listed in various places)

October 4-7, 1997: NAWEB 97: North American Web Developers conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Program chair.

October 4-8, 1996: NAWEB 96: North American Web Developers conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Program chair.

October 25-27, 1995: NAWEB '95: Educational Opportunities on the World Wide Web, New Brunswick.

September 23-27, 1996: Electronic Book Technolgies SGML suite training, Providence, RI.

Currently pursuing MA in History (expected completion: 5/00). Interests originally in Renaissance Italy, 14th century French music, Tudor/Elizabethan English culture but more recently, mid-19th century USA cultural history.

Playing with the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA). My SCA bookmarks.

Reading? Godey's Lady's Book, of course! And works related to mid-19th century women writers as well as those for the course I took, ENG 330: 19th Century American Literary Cultures, that will be helpful for my thesis.

Favorite listening: Anonymous 4, Gothic Voices, Machaut, certain operas.

Used to play the flute and sing but that's on hold for a bit due to work, school, two great kids. Also have done historic and other kinds of costuming--might even do more some day!

There is also a link to my personal record in the UVM database.

Not to forget the many faces of Hope.

My how the Web has grown. The first Web server at UVM was installed in 1993. While cleaning out files I found this relic dated November 11, 1993: an early attempt at an imagemap. (It doesn't work now since I have long since thrown out the supporting files!) Another early Web page I developed that said something more than just "Welcome to my page" was dated 9/23/94. It's a document with pictures of campus buildings with accompanying text (the pictures were taken with the then new Apple QuickTake camera). The document, originally posted to UVM.TODAY in response to a question, is a history of how several buildings on campus got their names.

Any Center Moriches High School or C. W. Post alumni out there who knew Hope Roesch? That's me. Say Hi, OK?

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