Ovid: Metamorphosis

Book 1, Plate 6

The Giants' War

Nor were the Gods themselves more safe above;
Against beleaguer'd Heav'n the giants move.

Hills pil'd on hills, on mountains mountains lie,
To make their mad approaches to the skie.

'Till Jove, no longer patient, took his time
T' avenge with thunder their audacious crime:
Red light'ning plaid along the firmament,
And their demolish'd works to pieces rent.

Sing'd with the flames, and with the bolts transfixt,
With native Earth, their blood the monsters mixt;
The blood, indu'd with animating heat,
Did in th' impregnant Earth new sons beget:
They, like the seed from which they sprung, accurst,
Against the Gods immortal hatred nurst,
An impious, arrogant, and cruel brood;
Expressing their original from blood.

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