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Housed at the University of Vermont, this version of the Lady's Book provides a glimpse at the richness, variety, and wonder of Godey's Lady's. While the color fashion plates are the most widely recognizable feature of this 19th century magazine, it also included a wealth of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, as well as practical advice articles. With this site I hope to serve the growing interest in this literature and introduce Godey's to those who have not had the pleasure of examining it before.

You will find a collection of texts and images from all portions of the book. Selected authors are highlighted and fashion will not be neglected. Along with selections from the magazine itself you will also find articles about various aspects of the Book as well as commentary on related scholarly works.

You are invited to participate in Godey's by linking to any of its sections.

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What's New

September 2010: After a long hiatus the Lady's Book has a new addition. In 1998 three complete issues were hosted on our electronic text server. That server is no longer active, but those three volumes can be seen in a rudimentary page turner application in the "Complete Issues" section. October 2001: Added color plates from 1859 and several more images of fashions and work, including paper dolls, to the Fashion, Dress Instructors, Work section.
April 2000: Revamped navigation and added connection to the "full issues" site at the etext collection.
February 2000: Added knitting patterns.
July 1999: Added illustrations and patterns for clothing from 1859.
1999: Accessible Archives, a commercial venture, is digitizing the entire Godey's series (!!). This fully searchable edition will be available online through libraries that decide to purchase access, or to individual subscribers.
1998: Developed the new Godey's site at the Etext center at UVM. The new model included complete issues, semi-searchable, marked up as SGML texts. Three complete issues (July, Aug. Sept. of 1855) were available. This server has since been taken down.

July 14, 1997: Added the Nonpareil Garment to Fashion: Novelties (and Illustrations: Fashion).
July 11, 1997: In response to a question on H-COSTUME, added four examples of Guipure embroidery to the Work section of the fashion page. Also added detail from February 1857 color plate.
March 17, 1997: Added section on Fashion articles, and portions of a series of 1858 articles by Mrs. Damas titled Hints to Dressmakers.
November 26, 1996: In honor of Thanksgiving Day (and in response to a request for information), added all excerpts from Hale's editorials regarding the making of a national holiday of thanksgiving
. March 15, 1996: Added Dress Instructors for 1855: August, October, November, December. Also illustration for a Manhatten Gymanastic Costume in the Fashion: Novelties section, as well as two illustrations from an article title "The Science of Dress" in the Illustrations: Partial Page section (article to be added at a later date).
February 22, 1996: Found a short Javascript that allows a message to scroll across the bottom border of the window. Added it to godeytitle and included a quote from Godey. Edited it to scroll only once.
February, 1996: Format is revamped, more fashion images added, more full texts of Alice B. Neal are added (beginning The Cooper's series). A simple GIF animation is added (hey! I've got to experiment somewhere).
January, 1996: Two editorials from Sarah J. Hale added.
November, 1995: The complete Table of Contents for volumes 54 and 55 (1857) is scanned, corrected, and posted. November, 1995: A table listing the works and publication information of five authors (arthur, Neal, De Forrest, Harland, Perkins) is created.
May - November, 1995: More images and texts are added, including synopses of some stories and some full-texts.
April - May, 1995: The first major influx of images and four articles (Godey, Hale, publication highlights, and Images of Men in the Book) are added.
March, 1995: The Godey's Lady's Book web project is born.

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