Godey's Lady's Book

In the February 1850 issue of The Lady's Book, Louis A. Godey, publisher, declared:

"In 1830, a "magazine of elegant literature was cast, doubtingly, upon the uncertain stream of public favor--its name the Lady's Book and Louis A. Godey the publisher. It was a novel enterprise at the time, and few thought it would outlive the first year of its nativity. It soon became apparent, however, that its management was in the hands of one who knew the want of the time, and had the tact and taste required for its supply."
These lexia, or perhaps in deference to the times we should say "collection of leaves," examine the Lady's Book, its publisher, its editor, and the world that both created, and was created by, it.

Lady's Book: The Collections

You may choose from two collections. The first provides highlights from the volumes from 1855 through 1858 that include some examples of the illustrations, fiction, editorials, literary notices, and fashion and needlework patterns. It also includes some background material, links to other Godey's on the web, and a sample of a typical Table of Contents.

The second collection contains three full issues of the Book from 1855 offered in "page turner" view.

1) Go to the "samples" collection

2) Go to the "complete issues" collection

which contains page images of the July, August and September 1857 issues.

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