Godey's Lady's Book

Fashion: Practical Dress Instructor

Note: In order to make these images more useful to those who would like to use the patterns to construct garments I have scanned them larger than original size and have digitally enhanced them, where necessary, to make measurements more readable. As a result they are rather large images, averaging 100K compressed and uncompressing to an average of 500K.

July, 1855: Coraco Eugenie

August, 1855: Mantle

October, 1855: Morning Wrapper

November, 1855: Dress

December, 1855: Young Gentleman's Cloak

January, 1857: Ladies Dress

January, 1857: Basque

February, 1857: Boy's Cloak

March, 1857: Basquine a l'Espagnole

April, 1857: Man's Shirt, pattern

(The Lady's Book provides the pattern but does not include an illustration for this shirt)

May, 1857: Dress Frock for a Little Girl

June, 1857: Fashionable Mantle

August, 1857: Basque for a Young Lady

August, 1857: How to make Stays, page 1 and page 2

September, 1857: Sun-Bonnet

October, 1857: Over-Jacket, or Morning Jacket

November, 1857: Lady's Jacket

December, 1857: Lady's Ball Dress

February, 1858: Ladies Jacket

May, 1858: Douglas and Sherwood's New Expansion Skirt

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