Hope A. Greenberg


I have retired from UVM after 30 years and can now spend more time with my favorite topic! Stay tuned for more, but for basics see:




Austen-Era Fashion Research

* What I do: An interview for the Jane Austen Summer Program, UNC, 2016

* Austen Era Fashion (1774-1817)

* Talks, Presentations, and Workshops

* The Ackermann Project (forthcoming)

Special Project: The JASP Toque Adventure

Researching and creating an Austen-era evening toque--multiplied by 50--one for each participant in the workshop to trim and decorate.

Hope Greenberg holds an MA in History from the University of Vermont. She has recently retired from her position as an Information Technology Specialist/Faculty Professional Development member of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Vermont where she provided advanced consulting for faculty on integrating teaching and technology, online and hybrid course design, and digitally mediated humanities research. For the past 30 years she has also been the production editor for the annual journal Proverbium: An International Journal of Proverb Scholarship (edited by Prof. William Mieder). You can learn more about "what I did," "What the CTL Does," and see some special projects with Faculty and Students