UVM Courses

CDAE06-Energy Alternatives
CDAE106-Renewable Energy Workshop Dominica/Vermont
CDAE170-Solar Building Strategies
CDAE253-Macroeconomics for Applied Economics
PA395-Energy Policy
ENSC195/285-Principles and Applications of Renewable Energy
ENV-NGO-PA395-Non-Profits and the Environment

GRN-TAX-VT-PA395-Green Taxes for Vermont
PA395-CMN-ASSTS-Valuing Common Assets for Public Revenue in Vt

PA-CDAE395-VCAT-Vermont Common Assets Trust Fund
PA395-Subsidy Reform
NR285-Ecological economics (online)
CDAE195-St_Lucia Sustainable Development
Belize-Semester Abroad in Sustainable Development

Vermont Law School
Ecological Economics