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Honors and Awards

Undergraduate Honors

A variety of honors are bestowed on students by the Geology Department in recognition of excellence in coursework and research. The first of such awards is made to the geology student with the most outstanding performance in the Introduction to Earth System Science class: the David Bucke Award. In subsequent years, excellence in research is rewarded by the Hawley, Mudge and Pieratti Awards. At the culmination of a student’s academic career, the geology faculty award the Doll Award to the most outstanding geology graduate. Students additionally have the opportunity to join the Geology Honor Society. Admission to this is grade-contingent. The list of names of these recipients include many current outstanding professional geologists.

Arthur J. and Claire Heiser Joseph B. Tinker Memorial Grant

Thanks to a generous donation from Arthur J. and Claire Heiser the UVM Geology Department bestows the annual Arthur J. and Claire Heiser Joseph B. Tinker Memorial Grant to a deserving undergraduate geology major. The award, established in 2008, grants up to $3,000 in scholarship funds, and is applied towards UVM tuition. Recipients have demonstrated both excellence in academic performance, and activity in the UVM Geology Department community. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the GeoClub, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Departmental work study, TAAs, independent research, and Perkins Museum guide.

Due to a change in the award conditions, the Geology Department has ceased to honor the recipients in 2016.

2015 Recipient: Edward Bonner

Edward Bonner & Andrea Lini, Geology Department Chair

Previous Tinker Memorial Grant Recipients:

2014 Brendan Auth

2013 Molly Conroy

2012 Abigail Ruksznis

2011 Matthew Sweeney

2010 Maggie McMillan

2009 Graham Hagen-Peter

2008 Rebecca Hammer-Lester


Charles G. Doll Award

The Charles Doll Award is given to the most outstanding graduating senior in geology. Charles Doll was the state geologist and he began teaching full-time at UVM in 1927. He was chairman of the department of geology from 1946 until his retirement in 1964. He also produced the first state bedrock geologic map. The selection criteria for the Doll Award is based on a combination of overall grade point average, grade point average in geology, undergraduate research and service to the department. The department faculty makes the selection of the Doll winner during the spring semester. The recipient of this award receives a gift and their name is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the department seminar room. The list of Doll Award winners is a distinguished one and includes individuals who have gone on to significant professional achievements.

2017 Charles G. Doll Award winners: Patrick Sullivan and William K. Vincett III

Previous Charles G. Doll Award Recipients:

2016 Pat Nee

2015 Christina Strathearn

2014 Travis Dawson
2013 Abigail Ruksznis
2012 Sandra Cronauer
2011Maggie McMillan and Laura Wilson
2010 Graham Hagen-Peter and Hal Earle
2009 Robbie Charnock
200 Karen Derman and Maartje Melchiors
2007 Lydia G. Smith, Robert K. Zimmermann
2006 No recipient
2005 Andrew Duling
2004 Leila Pascale
2003 Alysa Snyder
2002 Lyman Persico
2001 Andrew McKinney
2000 Sarah Fuller
1999 Simon Rupard
1998 Brad Rosenheim
1997 Tanya Unger
1996 Jeremy Hourigan
1995 Kristine Bryan
1994 no recipient
1993 Kristan Doolan
1992 Matt Robinson
1991 Del Martin
1990 Jesse P. Hunt
1989 Thomas X. Homzo
1988 no recipient
1987 Kevin A. Silva
1986 M. Alisa Borre
1984 Becky Dorsey
The David Bucke Award for Excellence in Introductory Geology

The David Bucke Award is given to the student with the highest grade point average in the Introductory Geology class. The award is named after Dave Bucke, who devoted his career at UVM to the "intro" class. The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Department Seminar room.

2017 Bucke Award winner: Brooke Phillips

Previous David Bucke Award Recipients

2016 Sonya Bullion Gluck

2015 Maria Noth

Erin Kiely
Kaitlyn Vitez
Derek Vines
Douglas MacLeod and Travis Dawson
Abigail O'Donnell and Sandra Cronauer
Amanda Northrop
No recipient
Rebecca Hammer-Lester
No recipient
Jessica Kuonen and Andy Boyle
Robert Zimmermann
No recipient
Benjamin Cichanowski
The Hawley Award

The Hawley Award is given to current UVM geology majors, minors and environmental science geology concentrators who seek funds to undertake research with the approval of a faculty mentor and the Department Chair. The award is named after a distinguished stratigrapher and sedimentologist who conducted research in, and became a Vermont resident upon his retirement from the petroleum industry.

2016 Hawley Award winners: Beth Pidgeon, Connor Remington, Garrett Hazebrouck, Kyle Titsworth, Mitchell Miers, Stephen Maglio, William Vincett III, Jack Ehrenkranz, Maxwell Landsman-Gerjoi, Patrick Sullivan

Previous Hawley Award Recipients

Brendan Auth, Ingrid Evans, Ed Bonner, Michael Chirigos, Elizabeth Pidgeon, Elisabeth McElwee, Amy Lewis, Maxwell Landsman-Gerjoi, Garrett Hazebrouck
Christina Strathearn, Chandler Noyes, Andrew Groth, Lauren Jones
Eric Weber
Douglas MacLeod, Elizabeth Olliver, Jeffrey Tinklepaugh, Eric Weber
Sandra Cronauer, Amanda Northrop
Coleman Adams, Alyssa Findlay, Rachel Gregory, Donald Hefferon, Maggie McMillan, Laura Wilson
Hal Earle, Sam Schultz, Kirsten Stokes
Ian Donovan, Marissa Saccente, Christy Leonard, Edward Greiner
Karen Derman, Maartje Melchiors
Grace Cameron, Jessica Kuonen, Molly Ogden, Lydia Smith
Danielle Eastman, Kristin Katoski, Tristan Hansell, Aaron Hartman, Sean Leavitt, Robert Zimmermann
Elizabeth Mann, Robert Zimmermann
Deborah Shulman, Serena Hollmeyer, Maria Hayes
Megan McGee, Keith Musselman, Nathan Toke
Ben Cichanowski, Paul Meilillo, Alyssa Snyder, Nathan Toke
Ian Hodgdon, Laura Troeger, Lyman Persico, Dale Walker, Andrew Bosley, Andrew McKinney
Megan Duni, Brad Rosenheim, Krista Polley, Megan Hoffeller, John Crockett, Erin Taylor, Dan Eurich, Meg Modley, Sarah Fuller, Patrick Keane
Joya Tetreault, Darrin Santos, Megan Duni, Matt Mudge, Jim Parker, Jeremy Malczyk
Christopher Valin, Ethan Escowitz, David Shaw, Tanya Unger
Erin Golec, Parker Hackett
Kristine Bryan
Kristan Doolan
Audra Brown, Lindsay Gannon
Sarah McFeeters, Donna Gerace
The Mudge Award

The Mudge Award, established to support undergraduate research in the Geology Department, is given to current UVM geology majors, minors and environmental science geology concentrators who seek funds to undertake research with the approval of a faculty mentor and the Department Chair. The family of recent UVM geology alumnus Matt Mudge donates funds for the award.

2016 Mudge Award winners: Taylor Norton, Katelyn Czyzyk

Previous Mudge Award Recipients

2015 Mudge Award winner: No recipient
Jacob Vincent, Christina Strathearn, Eleanor Johnson
Abigai Ruksznis and Elizabeth Olliver
Emily Aldrich, Catherine Jenkins, Taylor Kravits, Elizabeth Olliver, Abigail Ruksznis
Maggie McMillan
Michael Ingram
No recipient
Robbie Charnock
Rachel Lomonaco, Maartje Melchiors
Zach Swander, Jed Greenberg
No recipient
Sean Leavitt, Paul Montane
Greg Van Gilder
Richard Morse, Ashley Desmond
Angela Conlan, Laura Troeger

Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Undergraduate Prize:

The program recognizes outstanding students who have shown an interest and ability in the discipline of mineralogy. Each student was cited by his or her department for outstanding achievement in mineralogy-related courses. The MSA Prize allows MSA to join with the individual faculty to formally recognize outstanding students. Each student is presented a certificate at an awards ceremony at his or her university or college. In addition, each recipient receives a student membership in MSA with access to the electronic version of American Mineralogist, and a Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry or Monograph volume chosen by the sponsor, student, or both.

Presented for the first time in 2013, for work completed in 2012, by the UVM Geology Department, since the MSA Undergraduate Prize 1985 inception, for a student’s excellent performance in the course Earth Materials. Recipient also receives a letter of congratulations signed by former MSA President, and UVM Professor of Geology, John M. Hughes.

2017 MSA Undergraduate Prize Winner:John Sawyer Shaw

Previous Undergraduate Prize Winners:

2016 Andre Parisi

2015 Farrah Ashe

2014 Travis Dawson

2013 First UVM recipient: Maxwell Nottke


The Pieratti Award

The Pieratti Award is made to undergraduates seeking financial support for summer field studies. The award may be applied to expenses for attending a formal field camp or for expenses related to field experiences arranged between a student and faculty sponsor. Funds for the award are provided by Ms. Denise Pieratti, an alumna of the UVM Geology Department (MS, 1976).

Previous Pieratti Award Recipients

Samuel Hellman
Christina Leonard, Rebecca Hammer Lester
Rachel Lomonaco
Alysa Snyder, Christyanne Melendez
Laura Troeger
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, UVM Chapter of SGE is Eta Kappa

Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the national Geology honor society, was established in 1915 to recognize scholarship and professionalism in the Earth sciences. Its objectives include scholastic, scientific and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship and assistance among colleges and universities which are devoted to the advancement of the Earth Sciences. The general average required for admission to Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a minimum overall average of 2.67 (out of 4.00). A 3.00 grade point is the minimum requirement for all courses in the Earth Sciences.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2017: *Senior

  • Jack Ehrenkranz
  • Brandon M. Follansbee
  • Samanth Portnoy
  • Connor Remington *
  • John L. Sawyer Shaw
  • Patrick Richard Sullivan *
  • William K. Vincett III *


Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2016: *Senior

  • Roth Bernstein *
  • Jack Ehrenkranz
  • William G. Klein *
  • Kyle Titsworth
  • Taylor Smith Norton *
  • Samanth Portnoy
  • William K. Vincett III
  • Carson Ramsdell Mitchell *
  • Elizabeth Pidgeon *


Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2015: *Senior

  • Brendan Auth
  • Edward Bonner
  • Anne Gombosi
  • Danielle Eden Hill
  • Carson Mitchell
  • Royal Mongomery *
  • Elizabeth Pidgeon
  • Mariah Schneider
  • Christina Marie Strathearn *

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2014: *Senior

  • Anne Gombosi
  • Karen Heffernan*
  • Elizabeth Pidgeon
  • Carson Mitchell

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2013: *Senior

  • Julija Cubins
  • Anne Gombosi
  • Anthony Haigh *
  • Danielle Hill
  • Tyler Mogk
  • Elizabeth Olliver *
  • Abigail Ruksznis *
  • Henry Schmid *
  • Christina Marie Strathearn
  • Jeffrey Tinklepaugh *
  • Eric Weber *

Senior Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2012: *Senior

  • Sarah Coon *
  • Sandra Cronauer *
  • Jacob Menken *
  • Elizabeth Ann Olliver
  • Emily Siegel *

Senior Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2011: No recipients

Senior Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2010: *Senior

  • Sarah Coon
  • Sandra Cronauer
  • Elysia Anne Korbet *
  • Gregory Parrish *
  • Michael Patrick Tobin *

Senior Sigma Gamma Epsilon Inductees 2009: *Senior

  • Robert David Charnock *
  • Edward Greiner *
  • Rebecca Hammer-Lester *
  • Gary E. Peters
  • Angel Marissa Saccente *
  • Kirsten Elise Stokes *
  • Michael Patrick Tobin


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