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The Geography Department offers a wide variety of course choices; many of which will take majors around the world For example, students can sign up for regional geography courses on Canada, Vermont, Africa, or the USA. Other introductory offerings include courses on the geography of race and ethnicity, "geotechniques," and our ever-popular introductory classes in world regional geography and world natural environments. Intermediate-level classes include political geography, cultural ecology, geography and gender, international development and political ecology, urban geography, biogeography and intermediate courses in GIS and remote sensing. At the advanced level, we offer classes that include spatial analysis, research methods, climate and hazards, and global economic restructuring.

Interdepartmental ties: The commitment to an Area Studies focus in our department is strengthened by close ties to the International Studies and Canadian Studies Programs at UVM. Similarly, we regularly cross-list courses and work in concert with a number of other departments at UVM, including the Environmental Program, Women's Studies, Political Science, Geology, Anthropology, and Natural Resources.

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Please contact us about any issue related to geography at UVM. We especially welcome visits from anyone who might be interested in studying geography at UVM.

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