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Lots of Pain And No Gain


This site will help you better understand circumcision. Circumcision entered American culture about eighty years ago as a cure for specious ailments including masturbation. In the 1930's when quack medical science was found incorrect, the practice was rationalized as a hygienic measure, later as a preventor of various conditions of the penis. It continues largely because many circumcised men have resisted believeing their circumcision in infancy resulted in a loss of sexual functioning and has only "potential" benefits, not realized in most men. Ninety nine percent of men will never need be circumcised. Many better informed men have accepted the distructive nature of circumcision, leaving their own sons intact. Europeans, Canadians and others who once practiced circumcision have largely given it up and their medical professionals have done more to end the mutilation than any in the United States. Circumcision is a 250 million dollar a year industry in the USA. Today the United States is the only nation on earth who circumcises most of its male newborns for non religious excuse.

We hope you will use the resources here, to educate yourself and others. The book, Circumcision: A History Of The World's Most Controversial Surgery, Dr. David Gollaher, Ph.D. . Basic Books, is recommended for greater perspective
Circumcision for social excuses continues in most hospitals despite the A.A.P. statement that circumcision carries little health advantage and always carries pain and risks
What other procedure would a licensed doctor do for a parent upon a non-consenting child, that carries no or little health advantage. The answer is NONE.
Circumcision is a violation of a child's rights as well as basic medical ethics, to first do no harm.
There is no accredited medical association in the World that recommends infant male circumcision. That's right NOT one. And, the American Academy Of Pediatrics after studying more than forty years of circumcision information, found no reason to circumcise. But, you say, its an American thing and HIS father is circumcised. You think that's a reason to circumcise ?

In the up coming decades circumcision will be seen as an invasive wounding. Perhaps even a criminal assault and battery. If this sounds radical recognize at least one world famous medical ethics expert has called non-religious circumcision a wounding and criminal battery. Dr. Margaret Somerville, medical law professor at Mc Gill University has outspokenly said routine circumcision has all the necessary attributes of a battery and a wounding without cause.

These British school boys are NOT circumcised. Most of the industrialized world has given up circumcision! Circumcision is a decision a boy or man should make for himself. Not a parent, a doctor or a religion have the right to cut the genitals of a child without his consent.
Most Americans are unaware many Islamic countries circumcise screaming children as late as ages five and ten. The Mullahs often will not tolerate any dissent and beat, jail or kill any boy who defies them. Turkey has mass circumcision ceremonies and travels the Islamic world circumcising children.
In Egypt "barbers" with razors circumcise both boys and girls in the name of Islam ! Yet no where in the Quran is circumcision found as a requirement.
In Egypt it is estimated 75 percent or more of girls have their genitals violated through circumcisions.
In the USA despite the first medical warning in 1973 there was little or no medical advantage to circumcision, infant boys and other young children are circumcised for cosmetic or so called "cultural" excuses. Only a few hospitals or doctors have taken a moral position concerning the right of a child to have his genitals left alone.


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This is not about you, the parent , the religious leader, the doctor. The circumcision is being performed upon a person without his consent. Although you may believe you have the right to cut healthy tissue from his penis, in fact by ethical principle, you do not. There is no guaranteed health benefit for your child, therefore you do not have the right to circumcise.
Many Americans ignore, trivialize, deny and criticize circumcision's critics. Social denial and rebuff is expected concerning the repressed emotional feeling this subject evokes. It is to expected since Americans have been circumcised without THEIR consent through a blind acceptance of the practice. The foreskin does have a protective and sexual function. ( See work of Dr. John Taylor, University of Manitoba)
Please use the resources presented here to learn more about genital mutilation of children worldwide including the United States. We hope you will think, before repeating and gossiping the pro-circumcision propaganda of the uneducated and those who have an agenda for private cultural reasons. Learn how to be a critical thinker. Ask if circumcision has a health benefit what is it ? If these can be identified, how likely are any of these to take place in your son? If one did take place, what medical means other than circumcision could be used as treatment?
Examine your prejudices built up over a life time of hearsay and propaganda often from those that have emotional or financial gain from perpetuating circumcision.


Nowhere in the Quran does it say boys need be circumcised

Perhaps we have too much respect for ancient blood rites?

An Islamic boy covers his genitals and begs not to be circumcised. His well meaning abusers bribe him with money. Often a boy will not be told what awaits him until he sees the knife.
Turkey makes a circus of mutilating boys ages five to ten. The boys are told to submit and not to cry.
Help Islamic Boys avoid Turkish circumcisers
Turkey travels the Islamic world circumcising boys
Their last visit was war ravaged Afghanistan
What old pony will the pro-circumcision cabal mount next? For almost 100 years circumcision has had a devil cow of some disease it prevented or cured. In 1900 it was introduced to cure masturbation ( as if that a dysfunction) and spinal curvature and paralysis of unknown origin. Later when advocates had discovered none of these were cured with circumcision,they were able to introduce newborn circumcision into hospital nurseries. Circumcision was said to improve hygiene and prevent disease. Today the disease of the hour circumcision prevents is said to be UTI and HIV. What will it be tomorrow? As one theory fails another is introduced and propagandized.

Vermont Medicaid has refused to de fund routine circumcision. Charles Smith, Secretary of Human Services, has implied he favors religious circumcisions as well as cosmetic circumcisions with public funds. He has deferred all comments upon his decision to Susan Harritt, Assistant Attorney General.
Don't you find it odd Medicaid has decided not to say why they fund a non medically indicated surgery with public money . They already admit routine circumcision isn't medically necessary.
Ask them why Call:
Demand a straight answer.

Here is a copy of Vermont Human Services response to a letter asking why they fund routine circumcision
You be the Judge

Given your interest in the Agency of Human Services' position regarding circumcision as covered under a medicaid benefit, we are responding. The agency will continue to provide reimburesement for circumcision. While we appreciate that you disagree with the State's position, the State has considered your viewpoints and has determined that its decision regarding physician reimbursement for circumcision as a covered Medicaid benefit is appropriate.
Susan Harritt
Assistant Attorney General

You may comment by mail to :
Charles Smith, Secretary of Human Services
103 South Main
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-0701

You might also cc a letter to our Governor,

The Honorable James Douglas
The Vermont State House
Montpelier, Vermont

Teach peace and begin with kindness, a gentleness of spirit . A baby boy is a new sunrise, a gift from God. Let him come gentle into this life and he shall become a man expectional.

Just coincidence?
USA: genital violator of boys
Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Islamic terrorist states: genital violators of boys and Egypt boys and girls

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