UVM Capital Projects and Renovations
Communication Plan

Basic Information

Project Title

Project Location

Project Dates

Best case: to

Worst case: to

(If the project appears likely to occur outside these dates, this plan should be revised)

Project Manager


UVM Communications and Safety Contact
(third party to receive complaints or provide back-up for project manager)

Expected Disruptions

Noise Odors Dust Hazardous Materials Remediation

Access Disruption:

Pedestrian Traffic Cargo Access Parking Disruptions

Communication Patterns

Occupant communication contact:

Approximate number of populations expected to be impacted:

Faculty Staff Students General Public

Necessary displacements (describe):

Plans in case of unexpected disruptions:

Work at alternative campus location
Work at home
Work suspended

Secondarily affected parties

Emergency Responders Date Notified
UVM Police Services
UVM Fire Marshall
UVM Rescue
UVM Environmental Safety
UVM Emergency Operations Group

UVM Support Services

Building Operator (Physical Plant Dept contact): Contact name:
FDC project managers
Transportation and Parking

Location of Project Web Page: http://www.uvm.edu/~cpm/projects