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Film and Television Studies Production Classes

The Film and Television Studies production classes at UVM provide hands on experience combining theory and practice.  Because students are required to take an intro class (FTS 7, 8, 9, or 10) and a film theory class (FTS 121), they come in with a shared language and commitment.  The production classes prompt students to explore ...

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The Film Club

The student run film club offers students the opportunity to make films, talk about films, and engage in workshops outside of the classroom.  The Film Club has been going strong as long as the FTS major has been in place, though it encourages non-majors as well to join.  The club facilitates students to help on each other's ...

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Student Opportunities

Students in the Film and Television studies program at UVM have a variety of opportunities to pursue individual research and study, classes in production and screenwriting, internships, and study abroad.

Production @ UVM

Within our major and minor, students have the opportunity to take production classes with Deb Ellis, theory and practice classes with Hilary Neroni, and screen writing classes with Sarah Nilsen as well as additional production classes with Madsen Minax in the Art Department. Pre-requisites for production classes include one history course (FTS 007, 008, 009 or 010) and Film/Television Theory FTS 121.

Production and Screenwriting Classes

FTS 141 - Film & Video Production I

An introduction to techniques and theories of video production. Credits: 3.00

FTS 142 - Film & Video Production II

Intermediate topics in film and video production. Topics vary with instructor, and may include editing, lighting, use of sound, etc. Pre/co-requisite: FTS 141. Credits: 3.00

FTS 143 - Film Theory and Practice

An advanced study of media theory and video production. Credits: 3.00

FTS 144 - Screenwriting I

An investigation of screenwriting practice and a screenwriting workshop. Credits: 3.00

FTS 145 - Screenwriting II

Intermediate topics in screenwriting. Topics vary with instructor, and may include writing the thriller, the romantic comedy, etc. Pre/co-requisite: FTS 144. Credits: 3.00

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