What's New In the Lab:
The Sansoz Research Group is focused on understanding the small-scale mechanics and physics of interface-dominated nanomaterials using materials theory, atomistic computer simulations and nanoscale experiments. Our fundamental research is used to push the scientific frontiers of mechanics, materials science and energy at the nanoscale, in diverse areas of advanced materials for extreme environments and micro-devices.
Near-ideal theoretical strength in gold nanowires (Nature Commun. 2013)
Modern metals strengthened by nanotwins (Nature Materials 2013)
Inventing the strongest silver metal (Nature Materials 2019)
Ultra-strong and stretchy silver nanowires (Nature Materials 2017)
Flexible woven SiC ceramics for extreme environments (JACerS 2015)
Anisotropic heat conduction in 2D woven ceramic fibers (IJHMT 2019)


Prof. Frederic Sansoz

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Vermont
33 Colchester avenue
363 Votey Hall
Burlington, VT 05405
United States