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Resume of Francis C. Swasey

Francis C. Swasey

32 Hickok Place
Burlington, VT 05401-8515
(802) 863-1940

  A professional position in the field of computer software development and/or support which provides a challenge to my skills, provides responsibility, and provides opportunity for advancement
2000 - present University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Systems Programmer/Administrator

Member of a small self-directed team responsible for planning, creating, installing, and maintaining central computing unix (AIX, Solaris, and Linux) systems and services used by 18000 students, faculty, and staff.

Major Accomplishments:
  • Coordination and implementation of a room-sized uninterruptible power system (UPS).
  • Design and implementation of a corporate directory service (OpenLDAP).
    1982 - 1999 International Business Machines
    Essex Jct., VT
    Advisory I/T Specialist

  • Team Leader: 1995-1999
    Team Leader of the Function Server Support group within the AIX department. Responsibilities of the group include developing and maintaining the Internet connection for the site; security of Internet and Intranet servers; general office support machines (SMTP mail, news, nameserver, print/plot); development and support of internal and external web servers. Personal responsibilities included the general maintenance and support of the AIX operating system for 130+ AIX servers; application support for the SMTP mail, news and nameserver machines; general oversight of the team direction; management oversight of two programming vendors; future equipment requirements planning; and installation/inventory management of the group's servers.

  • Function Server Support: 1993-1995
    Member of a four person self directed team to develop and maintain function servers to support the Burlington, Fishkill, and Endicott IBM sites. Responsible for the development and deployment of the SMTP mail system; INN news servers; and the Internet connection.

  • AIX/AFS Support: 1990-1993
    A staff programmer responsible for the support and enhancement of the computing environment used by the IBM Burlington chip designers and manufacturers. Involved in the daily maintenance and design of the use of the Andrew File System on IBM's AIX operating system for the RISC System/6000 family of computers. Responsible for the design and implementation of processes to automate routine and time consuming administrative tasks.

  • General MVS Support Programmer: 1987-1990
    Responsible for IO/GENs, maintaining MVS installation, general networking (VTAM, PVS), and TCP/IP for MVS.

  • Storage Management (DF/HSM): 1985-1987
    Responsible for planning, designing, and implementing changes to the DF/HSM system used in the IBM Burlington Laboratory MVS Systems.

  • Storage Management (general): 1982-1985
    Responsible for the general maintenance and recovery of data in the IBM Burlington Laboratory MVS systems.
    Fall of 1981 Green Mountain Radio Research
    Burlington, VT

    Part-time applications programmer, developing programs in FORTRAN for accounting, generation of plot data, and generation of plots.
    Summer of 1981 Bell Telephone Laboratories
    Murray Hill, NJ
    Summer CO-OP

    Worked with the Language and Library Development Group of Unix Development. Primary responsibility was writing an assembler for the PDP-11 release 5.0 of Unix.
    1980-1981 Academic Computing Center/University of Vermont
    Burlington, VT

    Separated and filed computer output, interfaced between the operations staff and the customers. Promoted to the position of counselor. Answered customer's questions related to the computers, computer operations, computer facilities available, and assisted them in their programming problems.
    1979-1982 University of Vermont
    Burlington, VT
    Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor concentration in Electrical Engineering, May 1982.
    1975-1978 South Royalton High School
    South Royalton, VT
    College Preparatory Diploma, June 1978.
  • I am fluent in Korn Shell and C.
  • I am familiar with PERL, AWK, SED, and Cshell.
  • I have programmed in Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Snobol, GPSS, Algol, IBM RS/6000 powerpc assembly, PDP-11/70 assembly, Xerox Sigma 6 assembly, IBM PC assembly, IBM JCL, and SAS.
  • I have programmed on IBM RISC System/6000, IBM PS/2, IBM PC (DOS and Linux), IBM Mainframe (VM, MVS, and AIX), DEC-2060, PDP-11/70, VAX-11/780, XEROX Sigma 6, Harris/7, TRS-80, and TERAK 8510/a systems.
      Available upon request

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