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Syncing PDA/SmartPhone/Wireless Device using OMA-DS (SyncML)

Syncing PDA/SmartPhone/Wireless Device using OMA-DS (SyncML)

This document explains the syncing options available to you if you have a PDA/SmartPhone/Wireless device.

Syncing Options

WiscCal service provides an alternative synchronization method called Oracle Mobile Data Sync which takes advantage of the OMA-DS (Open Mobile Alliance - Data Synchronization) protocol (formerly known as the SyncML protocol) to deliver true remote synchronization of data with a wide range of OMA-DS-enabled devices. This alternative to the Desktop-to-PDA synchronization allows you the freedom to update your calendar from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Some devices already have such a client on them (e.g., some Nokia and Erickson phones) -- you simply need to configure the client to sync (and free of any additional cost). For PalmOS and PocketPC/Windows Mobile devices, a syncing client is available for a small, one-time cost.

  • NOTE: The only requirement for OMA-DS / SyncML functionality is that your mobile device has a working internet connection.

Configuring your client

  1. If you do not have OMA-DS software already installed, install SyncML from the following site:

  2. Configure the client with the following information:
  3. URL
    UserUVM netid
    PasswordUVM netid password
    Contacts Server Path./Contacts
    Events Server Path./Calendar/Events
    Tasks Server Path./Calendar/Tasks

Important: some devices have special considerations. View this page for further details.

Additional Configuration options

For further customization options, please review the customization page.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting information, please review the Troubleshooting and FAQs page.

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