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Annual Book Banquet 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Annual Book Banquet, sponsored jointly by the Faculty Senate and the Office of the President will take place from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Monday, December 10th in Billings Library.

Central to the Mission of our reasearch University is the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. Each year, we celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues who have published a book that year at the annual banquet. As an institution, it is essential that we recognize your achievement. We would like to invite all full and part-time faculty, emeriti faculty, and staff who have or will have published a book in 2012.

For inquiries regarding the Annual Book Banquet, please contact Ashley Clark in the Faculty Senate Office.

2012 Featured Authors:

Author: Co-Author(s): (Co-)Editor(s) Publication Title:
Nicholas Wolsterstorff   Terence Cuneo Understanding Liberal Democracy: Essays in Political Philosophy
Cindy Gerstl-Pepin Judith Aiken   Social Justice Leadership for a Global World
Dr. Polly Parsons Jeanine P. Weiner-Kronish   Critical Care Secrets (5th Edition)
Nancy Bercaw     Brain in a Jar
Sean Field    

The Beguine, the Angel, and the Inquisitor: The Trials of Marguerite Porete and Guiard of Cressonessart

Collection of Essays Multiple Authors Daniel Fogel & Elizabeth Malson-Huddle Precipice or Crossroads: Where America's Great Public Universities Stand and Where They are Going Midway through Their Second Century
Collection of Essays Multiple Authors Mehnaz M. Alfridi & David M. Buyze Global Perspectives on Orhan Pamuk: Existentialism and Politics
Ms. Carol Delaney     Guide to Starting a Commerical Goat Dairy
Mr. Ben Waterman     Guide to Financing the Community-Supported Farm
Dr. Robert Tyzbir     Sports Nutrition: Understanding Dietary and Physiological Effects on the Human Body (1st Edition)
Dr. Stephen Leffler     Minor Emergencies
Dr. Fabiborz Mokhtari     In the Lion's Shadow: The Iranian Schindler and His Homeland in the Second World War
Multiple Authors   Dr. Douglas J. Taatjes & Jurgen Roth Cell Imaging Techniques (2nd Edition)
Dr. Patricia Prelock R.J. McCauley   Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evidence-Based Intervention Strategies for Communication and Social Interaction
Roger Cooke     The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course (3rd Edition)
Howard Ball     At Liberty to Die: The Battle for Death with Dignity in America
Robert Lawson, Doris Anderson, Larry Rudiger     Psychology and Systems at Work
Sanjay Sharma Marcus, A., Shrivastava, P., & Pogutz, S.   Cross-sector Leadership for a Green Economy: Integrating Research and Practice on Sustainable Enterprise
Bill Davison     Tandem & Mosaic/ Portal 5.3.12
Governor Madeleine M. Kunin     The New Feminist Agenda, Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work, and Family
Dr. Paul S. Kindstedt     Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and its Place in Western Civilization
Cardy Raper     Love, Sex and Mushrooms: Adventures of a Woman in Science
Thomas Visser     Porches of North America
Lewis Hill Leonard Perry   The Fruit Gardener's Bible
Robert Manning Laura Anderson   Managing Outdoor Recreation: Case Studies in the National Parks
Robert Manning Martha Manning   Walking Distance: Extraordinary Hikes for Ordinary People
Eric Zencey     The Other Road to Serfdom and the Path to Sustainable Democracy
Eric Zencey Elizabeth Courtney   Greening Vermont: The Search for a Sustainable State
Robert Nash DeMethra LaSha Bradley   Me-Search and Re-Search: A Guide for Writing Scholarly Personal Narrative Manuscripts
Robert Nash Richard Greggory Johnson III, Nichele C. Murray   Teaching College Students Communication Strategies for Effective Social Justice Advocacy
Denise Helen Dunbar     Black Males in the Green Mountains: Colorblindness and Cultural Competence in Vermont Public Schools
Daniel W. Gade     Curiosity, Inquiry, and the Geographical Imagination
George Catlett Marshall   Mark Stoler The Papers of George Catlett Marshall
Anthony Bradley     Imagining Ireland in the Poems and Plays of William Butler Yates
Steve Chant & Douglas E. Campbell     Innovative Patents that Advanced the United States Navy
Frank Nicosia     Zionimus Und Antisemitismus Im Dritten Reich/ Zionism and Antisemitism in Nazi Germany
William Mierse     Temples and Towns from the Early Iron Age Levant
Various Richard Albertini Richard Albertini & Helmut Greim The Cellular Response to the Genotoxic Insult: The Question of Threshold for Genotoxic Carcinogens
Wolfgang Mieder     "Zersungene Lieder". Moderne Volksliedreminiszenzen in Literatur, Medien, und Karikaturen / "Modified Songs". Modern Folk Song Reminiscences
Various   Wolfgang Mieder Proverbium. Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship
Wolfgang Mieder Andreas Nolte   Zu meiner Hölle will ich den Weg mit guten Sprüchen pflastern. Friedrich Nietzches sprichwörtliche Sprache. / I will Pave the Way to My Hell with Good
Johann Ludwig Burckhardt   Wolfgang Mieder Arabische Sprüchwörter (Reprint of the 1834 edition)
Wolfgang Mieder     Proverbs. A Handbook
Wolfgang Mieder     Proverbs are Never out of Season
Wolfgang Mieder     The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs
Joseph Acquisto     Crusoes and Other Castaways in Modern French Literature: Solitary Adventures
    Dr. Ralph Budd, Gary Firestein, Iain McInnes, Sherine Gabriel, James O'Dell A Textbook of Rheumatology (9th Edition)
David Howell     Statistical Methods for Psychology (8th Edition)
Michiko Oishi     Deepening Snow (Japanese translation)
Jane Graiko     A Customary Obsession
Mary Elizabeth     Painless Speaking (2nd Edition)
Mary Elizabeth     The Hobbit: A Teaching Guide (2nd Edition)
Michiko Oishi     Deepening Snow (Japanese Translation)
Richard Watts     Public Meltdown: The Story of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
Glenn Goldman Leonard Dzubow   Facial Flap Surgery
Vladimir Gouli J. Marcelino   Common Infectious Diseases of Insect in Culture. Diagnostic and Prophylactic Methods



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