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The Eugenics Survey of Vermont: Participants & Partners

GUY W. BAILEY (1876-1940)

President, University of Vermont, 1919-1940
Eugenics Survey Advisory Committee. 1925-1936
Treasurer, Vermont Commission on Country Life

Born in Hardwick, Vermont and raised in Essex Junction, Guy W. Bailey had deep family roots in Greensboro, dating back to the 18th century. A graduate of the University of Vermont in Classics in 1900, Bailey turned to law and public service. As secretary of the state senate (1908-1917), Bailey promoted progressive era social legislation -- ranging from state initiatives promoting tourism to programs enlarging the role of the state in social welfare. With a strong interest in child welfare, he served as President of various orphanages in Vermont and treasurer for the Vermont Children's Aid Society from 1920-1940.

As President of the University of Vermont (1919-1940), Bailey advocated research and public service as key components of the University's mission, with an emphasis on bringing the academic expertise into Vermont communities. To fund high visibility projects, Bailey exploited the networks of affluent, well-connected Vermonters and alumni. The Eugenics Survey of Vermont became, with President Bailey's help, the first privately funded research project at UVM.

Bailey served on the Eugenics Survey Advisory Committee in name only, giving his support primarily through negotiation and administration of the sponsors' funding of the Survey and granting Perkins sabbatical leave to expand the scope of his enterprise. Bailey served as Treasurer of the Vermont Commission on Country Life.

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