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High School Program - People

2013-2014 High School Teams

Lyndon Institute
Matt Andrews, Ryley Rodger, Haille Mesics, Sierra Keon, Joseph Mesics and Dave Williams

Burr and Burton Academy
David Spero, Jackie Nutter and James Moore


Long Trail School
Scott Worland, Hannah Phelps and Garrett Hastings

Stowe High School
Don McDowell, Annika Norden and Andrew Chambers 

Harwood Union High School
Patrick Jackson, Sienna Jean and Jeff Robins 

Oxbow Union High School
Brittany Shaw, Carl Hildebrandt and Maddie Smith 

Peoples Academy
Kiernan Nicholls, Sheila Tymon and Sarah Schneider 

Bellows Free Academy – Fairfax
Jordan Hoffman, Emily Pomichter and Tom Lane 

Aurea E. Quiles High School
Noelia Baez-Rodriguez, Glenda Almodovar-Morales,
Angely Cruz and Sharlene Vega 

Rice Memorial High School
Olive Capone, Sharon Boardman and Shannon Collins 

Upward Bound Physics Academy
Josie Curtis, Matthew Jacobs and Ryan Bushey 

Upward Bound Biomedical Academy
Natalee Deaette, Mitchell Vaillancourt, Greg Tefft, Danielle Perry & Victoria Deatherage 

University Gardens
Alice Garrastegui Rivera, Frank Torres and Gabriela Rosario 

Jose E. Aponte de la Torre School
Melanie Quinones, Rosaliz Rodriguez and Hennessy Bas 

Upward Bound Envi Sci Academy
Hunter Mallette, Christine Languerand,
Kelsey Carrier, Katy Wallace and Mariah Mitchell 

Champlain Valley Union High School
Mari Caminiti, Michelle Pinaud and Mary Rutenbeck 

Hartford High School
Mariah Holroyd, Melissa Robison and Meghan Wilson 

Missisquoi Valley Union High School
Nakia Wighton, Becky Cross and Maria Dezotell 

Colchester High School
Hannah Rogers, Andrew Pike and Kara Lenorovitz