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Toby Fulwiler

Toby Fulwiler

Professor Emeritus
  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1973
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Website: Prof. Fulwiler's Woodworking Site

In May, 2002, Toby Fulwiler retired from teaching writing and literature in the UVM’s English Department and from directing the university’s “Writing-Across-the-Curriculum” program, positions he held since 1983, when he arrived at UVM as an Associate Professor from Michigan Technological University. His previous teaching experience includes the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from which he also received his PhD in American Literature in 1973. He retired from part-time teaching of graduate students in UVM’s Field Naturalist Program in 2010.

In his academic career, Toby taught introductory and advanced writing classes with titles such as "Personal Voice," "Reading and Writing Autobiography," and "Creative Nonfiction" as well as American literature. He is the author of College Writing, The Working Writer, and Teaching With Writing; he is co-author with Alan Hayakawa of The Blair Handbook, College Writers Reference, and Pocket Reference for Writers; he is editor of The Journal Book and co-editor of, among others, Introduction to English Studies, The Letter Book, When Writing Teachers Teach Literature, Community of Voices, Angles of Vision, and Programs that Work.

At present, Toby is a woodturner who makes natural-edge and classic wooden bowls in his workshop from local hardwoods, including sugar maple, black cherry, and white birch, much of the wood coming from the ninety-acres on which he now lives in Fairfield, VT. He markets his bowls at local craft fairs from May through December while his bowls are on display most of the year at local galleries including Artist In Residence (Enosburg Falls), Edgewater (Middlebury), Art On Main (Bristol), and Artful Eye (St. Johnsbury). His work can be found on the Web at He continues to keep both a personal journal and one dedicated to woodturning; he also edits a monthly gallery newsletter and writes occasional pieces for professional woodturning journals.

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Selected Articles

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Courses taught: Personal Voice, Reading and Writing Autobiography, Creative Nonfiction , American literature