University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

UVM Emergency Management Plan

Executive Authority

During an emergency, the President (or the next most senior available administrator) has ultimate responsibility, authority and accountability for declaring a “state of campus emergency,” setting the direction as to how the emergency will be managed, and making key executive decisions. He/she is assisted and advised by the Policy Group (Provost and VP’s) and the Emergency Operation’s Group – EOG (various key operational leaders). The EOG (working generally out of the Emergency Operations Center) is under the direction of either the Associate Vice President for Administrative & Facilities Services or the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, depending on the nature of the emergency. Field operations are under the direction of an on-site Incident Commander (person in charge).

Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Trustees by resolution, or the President in writing, when the President is temporarily absent from campus or incapacitated, the authority and responsibility to function as the chief executive officer of the University shall pass in the following descending order, subject to presence on campus of the officer next in line, as well as his or her ability to service: Senior Vice President and Provost; Vice President for Finance and Vice President for University Relations and Administration (from Delegation of Authority Policy).

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