Data Sets

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The following links will bring up the data for an example, an exercise, or some other data set. The variable names are given in the first row. Most software will accept variable names, though you often have to specify that they are there. All links are to data are in standard tab-delimited ASCII files and can be imported by any statistical software package. (I have also uploaded SPSS "sav" files, which can be accessed simply by changing the "dat" extension to "sav" in the URL) You can then choose to open the file is SPSS or save it on your hard drive.) Alternatively, you can download the complete set of files as "" or and store them in an appropriate directory. The variables are tab delineated. The General Data Sets are described in detail in Appendix Computer Data Sets at the back of the book.

A Word of Warning

In the good old days, when you read an ASCII file (a raw data file) into SPSS or SAS you could insert a period wherever there was missing data and SPSS and SAS were happy. Not any more. I have periods in many of these data files, but SPSS will see the period and decide that this variable is a "string" variable rather than a numeric variable. I have not found a simple way around this (other than to replace the "." with "9999" and then tell you to tell SPSS that 9999 represents a missing value.) What you can do is to read the data in letting SPSS call any variable with at least one period a string, but then go to the "Variable View" at the bottom of the spread sheet and redefine all of those string variables as numeric (assuming they are) and then define the "Measure" as "scale." Do that for all numeric variables and you will be all set. An even better way is to make use of the fact that I have supplied SPSS system files (those that end with the "sav" extension). If you load those files instead, they will work correctly because I have forced the relevant variables to be numeric.

General Data Sets

These are data sets that are referred to throughout the text and are not tied to a particular chapter.

Add.dat or Add.sav
ID ADDSC, Gender, Repeat, IQ, EngL, EngG, GPA, SocProb, Dropout

Cancer.dat or Cancer.sav and BadCancr.dat or BadCancr.sav
SexP, SomTP. DepTP, AnxTP, HosTP, GSITP,
SexS, SomTS, DepTS, AnxTS, HosTS, GSITS,
Intern, Extern, TotBP, InterT, ExternT, ToptPT

Epineq.dat and Epinuneq.dat or Epineq.sav and Epinuneq.sav
ID, Dosage, Interval, Errors

Mireault.dat or Mireault.sav
ID, Group, Gender, YearColl, College, GPA, LostPGen, AgeAtLos
SomT, ObsessT, SensitT, DepressT, AnxT, HostT, PhobT, ParT, PsyT, GSIT,
PVTotal, PVLoss, Supptotl

SAT.dat or SAT.sav
State Expend (expenditure per puil in 1000s) PTratio (pupil teacher ratio) Salary (teacher salaries) 
PctSAT (percent of students taking SAT) VerbalSAT MathSAT CombinedSAT

Stress.dat or Stress.sav
FamNum, SexResp, Patient-Spouse, Time1, Time2

Data Sets for Specific Chapters

Chapter One

There are no data sets in this chapter.

Chapter Ten

Chapter Two

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Three

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Four

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Five

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Six

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Seven

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Eight

    There are no data files for Chapter 8

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Nine

Chapter Eighteen