Index to Most of My Web pages

David C. Howell

University of Vermont--Emeritus

I have rearranged the many web pages that I maintain to make them more available. The pages break down into three groups. There are a large number of pages related to a wide variety of statistical issues, and they can be found under the first menu. They cover everything from the treatment of missing data, to mixed models, to randomization/permutation tests, to the computer package R.

The second set is a collection of pages that I maintain for my book Statistical Methods in Psychology, 8th ed.. These include all of the data files, solutions to half of the homework exercises, manuals on the use of SPSS and R, and other topics relevant to that text.

The third set is similar to the second, though it relates to my book entitled Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 8th ed. The 9th edition of that book is at the publishers, and when that comes out I will point to those pages as well.

Finally, I have included my professional vita with relevant activities and publications. I retired in 2002, but have continued to publish a variety of things. Though I guess that I am slowing down now.

For those who are curious about various things that they come across that seem odd for someone living in Vermont, I no longer live there. It is a wonderfuil state, but I have followed my wife, and her jobs, around the country, living in Austin, TX, Steamboat Springs, CO, and now St. George, UT. I have loved every place that I have lived, and have certainly picked beautiful places.