Below are some of the videos that have come out of our collaborations in Port. The earliest date back to the year 2000, when the sister city program offered the first video workshop for residents in Puerto Cabezas. (see program history). Since then we have supported community video and worked with a variety of residents to document life in the region and celebrate traditions important in the cultures of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast. 

A History of the Sister City Program, 2009
55 minutes               DVD
King Pulanka, 2011
31.5 minutes        DVD
Creole Culture, 2011
30 minutes         DVD
Margarita Antonio tours Bilwi, 2008
29 minutes        DVD
Grup Sudando in Vermont, 2004 (Neko and dancers visit schools and perform dances in Vermont)             60 minutes      DVD
Remigio Hodgson, songs, 2000-2008
56 minutes             DVD
Remigio & Tiger at the Rock, 1994
38 minutes               DVD
Contando Historias, working with puppets, Marijn Foundation, by Julio Bordas, 2014                  9.5 minutes

DVD 90 min.

       This video compilation includes 28 short tracks sampling life in the region. Taped by participants in the Sister City Video Program over the years the menu includes music, dance, ceremony, window framing, cow milking, river travel, church singing, and interview....
       ...a kaleidoscopic view of life in the region. 

Nacatamal and Rice & Beans

DVD 50 min.

      This video documents preparation of two of the traditiional foods enjoyed on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. 
       Nacatamal is a favorite entre for Sunday morning breakfast, while Rice & Beans costena style can be found served with most meals.


coming soon

       These two documentary films by Julio Bordas present a glimpse into the Garifona and Miskitu cultures through the vehicle of dance. They represent the first of a five part series Julio is producing on the Cultures of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast. Future videos will include the Rama, the Mayagna, and Creole cultures.

Sisimiki the Ulak
El Joven y La Sirena
Mi Ropa
La Escoba

DVD 55 min.

       "Sisimiki" is a dramatization of a legend produced by the preparatory students living on the Kamla campus.
     "El Joven y La Sirena" gives a traditional Miskito legend an ecological twist. 
       "Mi Ropa" is Remigio Hodgson's musical lament about a man whose wife keeps his clothes wet so he can't go out and party.
     "La Escoba" is Julio Bordas's look at sweeping as cultural indicator.

MUSIC CD  16 tracks 

       Remigio Hodgson, one of "Port's best loved songwriters, and his friend Milton "Tiger" Omier brought their coastal songs to Vermont during the summer of 1994. The tracks on this CD were from their outdoor performance at Winooski's Photo Lounge, July 6, 1994.

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