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Vital Results through Service Learning:
Linking Schools and Community in Vermont
Progressive Perspectives
Monograph Series

An objective of the John Dewey Project, as noted in the Mission Statement, is to publish policy papers and monographs related to the theory, practice, and future of progressive education and contemporary educational issues." In keeping with this goal, the John Dewey Project solicits articles and publishes a monograph series titled, Progressive Perspectives.

Volume 4, #2- Spring 2003
Rethinking "Academic" Achievement:
Is This What We Really Want For Our Children?

Volume 4, #1- Spring 2002
Who's Safe in School:
Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Questioning Students

Volume 3, #3- Spring 2001
Re-envisioning Technologies for Education and Democracy

Volume 3, #2- Winter 2001
High-Stakes Testing and Standardization: The Threat to Authenticity

Volume 3, #1- Fall 2000
Education, Culture, and the Environment: Local and Global Perspectives

Volume 2, #3- Spring 2001
An Open Letter to the New Commisionner of Education

Volume 1, #2- Spring 1999
Educating for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility

Volume 1, #1- Winter 1998
School Funding: Tinkering with School Funding in Times of Ghettoization

Facilitating Reflection:
A Manual for Leaders and Educators

Reflection Manual in Acrobat Reader

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