John Dewey Project Links Page
Center for Dewey Studies
Boston Center for Collaborative Education
Center for Partnership Studies
Center for School Change
Commercialism in Educational Ressearch Unit
Educators for Social Responsibility
Educational Policy Research Unit
GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network
Harmony School Education Center
Institute for Democracy in Education
National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
National Coalition of Educational Activists
Network of Educators on the Americas
Parents Across Virginia United to Reform 
Standards of Learning
Power to the Youth
Rouge Forum
Students Against Testing
Whole Schooling Consortium
democratic Culture
Education and Culture:
The Journal of the John Dewey Society
Paths of Learning 
Radical Teacher
Rethinking Schools
Teaching Tolerance
Workplace: A  Journal for Academic Labor

Government Links
U.S. Department of Education
Vermont Department of Education

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