Mission Statement of the John Dewey Project
last reviewed January 25, 2002

The John Dewey Project on Progressive Education was begun in September of 1997 as an independent grant-funded project in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont.  The purpose of the Project is to build on the knowledge base and heritage of progressive education begun by Dewey and others in the early part of the twentieth century and extend these ideas into the future.  Our concern for justice, equality, human development, creativity, care, and ethics frames our critical examination of contemporary educational issues.

John Dewey, (UVM alum 1879) believed that democratic freedom was both the cause and the expression of the fullest possible realization of human potentialities.  Further, he believed that democracy must be both a way of life and a habit of mind, as well as a moral standard for personal conduct.  With the increasing pressures on educational institutions to produce skilled workers for a competitive global economy, the American educational mission of educating for active democratic citizenship faces great challenges.  The John Dewey Project supports those critical educational projects that extend, enhance and promote the practice of democracy as a way of life. We hope to reinvigorate the conversation about educational reform and renewal, both in Vermont and in the nation, with these democratic purposes.


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