Education and Culture:
The Journal of the Dewey Society


        The John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture exists to keep alive Dewey's commitment to the use of reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to critical problems in education and culture. We subscribe to no one set of doctrines, but in the spirit of Dewey, we welcome controversy, respect dissent, and encourage the responsible discussion of issues of special concern to educators. We also promote open minded, critical reconsiderations of Dewey's influential ideas about democracy, education and philosophy.

        Education and Culture is published twice a year by the John Dewey Society. It aims to serve the needs of the scholars who take an integrated view of philosophical, historical, and sociological  issues and problems in the field of educational studies. Members of the John Dewey Society receive Education and Culture as part of their membership dues.

        Manuscripts for Publication should be sent to:
        Peter Hlebowitsh, General Editor
        N256 Lindquist Center
        University of Iowa
        Iowa City, IA 52242

        Please enclose three copies and a computer file of the manuscript. APA citation style is preferred. There is no length regulation. Authors should include a biographical description, not exceeding 50 words and an abstract in the range of 100-200 words. Authors should also provide telephone and fax numbers, as well as email address. The journal is interested in a wide range of manuscripts, including critical essays, research studies, essay and book reviews, rejoiner essays  and various imaginative (alternative) submissions. Manuscripts will be evaluated within 60 days. Any questions should be sent to the editor at the above address or at <>.

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