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It is time to create a global debate community using inexpensive Internet video technologies so that we can debate against any location on the globe connected by the Internet Debate Central and the University of Vermont have been leaders in this effort and we ask you to join us as we implement the World Debate Network through Debate Central Broadcasting [DCB].

Now that three national tournaments have had their final rounds webcast, now that debate institutes have been webcast, now that 24 hour a day program webcasting is a reality, and now that Internet "distance debates" [Vermont-Cornell, USA-UK] have demonstrated the effectiveness of this rapidly improving technology, the time for demonstration has passed. Now is the time to begin using this technology to allow us to engage in the first truly global debates.

Debate Central and the University of Vermont have the current server capacity to provide the streaming video to a global audience. We have the expensive hardware it takes to stream videos to a global audience and what we need now is content. We offer that capability to organizations which are willing to affiliate with the World Debate Network on Debate Central Broadcasting.

You are invited to affiliate with DCB. When you do so:

When you affiliate with DCB, you agree to:

If you would like to examine supporting documents and materials, we urge you to consult the following information:

Rostrum, July, 2000 article -

Paper from Budapest Conference, October, 2000 -

If you wish to affiliate, please e-mail me at and include your mailing address.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to working together with you on these exciting developments.

Best wishes,

Alfred C. Snider

Alfred C. Snider

Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics

University of Vermont