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Books Briefings Video How to Train Communication
Flynn, Colm. Debating Tutorial, 2008 Berlin WUDC Briefings
One - Two - Three
World Universities Debating Championship Format Videos Snider, Alfred, Training Techniques WUDC in USA listserv, "US Debate"
Morgan, Rhydian. British Parliamentary Debating, 2009 DLSU WUDC 2012 Judge & Debater Briefing Document International Debate Academy Slovenia videos Skrt, Bojana & Alfred Snider, Debate Academy Model of Training WUDC Coaches in America Facebook group

Johnson, Steve. Winning debates, 2009. In Spanish also

Hart House Invitational 2012 Guide for BP Debating Debate Video Blog Snider, Alfred. Recruiting and retaining debaters, 2010  
Harvey-Smith, Neill. Practical guide to debating, 2011 Judge Briefing, Amsterdam EUDC Raw Archive of Debate Central videos for download Snider, Alfred. Debate Exercises and Drills, 2011  
Meany, John and Kate Shuster. Art, Argument and Advocacy Decision by Concensus: How to Chair a WUDC Debate, Alfred Snider Debate Videos in Spanish Debate Motions for Training - Debate Motion Central - Older site  
Snider, Alfred and Robert Huber, Influencing through argument, 2005.   Download these AUDIO files and listen to them on any MP3 player. Debate Academies around the world  
    Debate Video channel at Vimeo.com