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Snider, Staging Smaller Events Snider - How to Host a Debate Tournament - Parts 1 & 2 Huber Debates, University of Vermont 2013 Software commonly used for pairing, tabulating and results in various formats of debate. We suggest these but cannot offer support or assistance in their use.
Snider, Staging Major Events Organizing Debate Activities - Vignjevic & Cirovic IDAS 2012 Pan American University Debate Championship Tournaman, for WUDC/BP Tournaments[PC] *BEST*
Garau, Anna and Zsofia Muranyi, How To Organize an International Debate Tournament, 2013 Snider - How to Host a Debate Tournament - Part 1 from Qatar US Universities at Vermont 2011 TRPC, for team on team debates, 1-2-3 members [PC] *BEST*
Organize a Debate Tournament Snider - How to Host a Debate Tournament Part 2 from Qatar World Schools Debating Championship 2008 Blog  
Snider, Planning and managing a debate tournament      
Middle School Public Debate Program, How to host a tournament      
IDEA, Organize a Debate Tournament      
IDEA, Argument and audience: staging public debates