An INTERNET Resource Guide for Competitive Forensics

The following resources were compiled mainly by the Arnie Madsen, with the assistance of books and on-line guides to the INTERNET. In addition, Seth Northrop and Matt Roskoski both contributed listings to this guide, and deserve acknowledgement here.
Note that this guide is more heavily weighted to debate than to individual events. A few gopher and other sites are indicated for retrieval of literary material, however, the breadth of topics covered in the public address events makes a resource guide for those events problematic.
The author has used many, though not all, of the resources listed on the following pages. All of the addresses and gopher menus in this guide were accurate within the last year (1993/1994). However, addresses, menus, and access privileges are constantly changing. If a reader notices that an address or command is no longer correct, the author would appreciate hearing about it. Readers that know of additional sources not in this resource guide are similarly asked to forward those ideas to the author for inclusion in future listings:

Some Anonymous FTP Sites Relevant to Competitive Forensics

Unless otherwise noted, all of the sites listed below are for anonymous ftp. Thus, when prompted to login in you should enter anonymous, and then use your complete email address as a password.

Online directory of several hundred library catalogs and databases: access via anonymous FTP. Select in the library directory. ASCII text version is filename internet.library. You can also send an email message to listserv@umnvma.bitnet. The body of the message should say get library package

Accessing On-Line Bibliography Databases: ftp, directory is library.

Billy Barron's Library List - how to access hundreds of online bibliographic databases and libraries around the world: ftp, path is /pub/staff/billy/libguide/*

E-Zine List - a list of electronic magazines available on the Internet: ftp, path is /pub/johnl/zines/e-zine-list

ecixfiles - Energy and Climate Information Exchange File Distribution Service: ftp, directory ftp.

Electronic Books: ftp, path is /pub/doc/literary/etext/*

Explanation of FTP formats, conversion, etc: ftp, in the directory doc/pcnet, filename is compression.

GAP Reports:, path is /gao-reports.

History Database: ftp, path is /pub/history

Internet Resource Guide, divided into seven categories, including Library Catalogs, Archives, etc: ftp, directory is resource-guide. The README file in that directory explains how to get and use the guide. A different location with many guides to the Internet is ftp, directory is libsoft; or ftp, path is Info/general, get NorthWestNet (note, this last one is a PostScript vrsion).

Legal List - law-related Internet resources: ftp, path is /pub/LegalList/legallist.txt; or ftp, path is public/nic/

Library Resources on the Internet: Strategies for Selection and Use, by Laine Farley: ftp, path is pub/Internet, get libcat-guide.

Medical Resources - list of Internet resources: ftp, path is /pub/nic/medical.resources

NAVNEWS - Navy News Service documents are available: ftp Office of Management and Budget - the Natl Science Foundation includes a selective directory of OMB reports: ftp

Online Book Initiative - lots of on-line and full-text books: ftp, path is /obi

Poetry Assortments - lots of poetry, arranged by author, useful for oral interp:, path is /pub/Library/Poetry

Project Gutenberg - they are attempting to put an extensive collection of books full-text on line: ftp, path is /pub/etext

Public Domain Software Archive:

St. George's Internet Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases list - probably the most complete and up-to-date listing on the Internet: ftp, path is Info/library, get Internet.library. This is also available in numerous other locations.

Supreme Court Rulings:, directory hermes.

Some Discussion Groups/Email Lists Relevant to Competitive


A list of BITNET LISTSERV lists is available. Send an email message to LISTSERV@BITNIC.EDUCOM.EDU or LISTSERV@BITNIC [BITNET]. The body of the message should merely say list global.

A list of INTERNET lists is available on the USENET news groups news .groups and news .newusers .questions .

ARMS-L - policy issues on peace, war, national security, weapons, etc. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@BUACCA.BU.EDU or LISTSERV@BUACCA [BITNET] with the one line message SUB ARMS-L firstname lastname. Contributions sent to ARMS-L@BUACCA.BU.EDU or ARMS-L@BUACCA [BITNET]. Note: subscription is limited, requests will be sent to list owner for approval.

BIOSPH-L - anything related to the biosphere, pollution, climate, etc. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV%UBVMS.BITNET@VM1.NODAK.EDU or LISTSERV@UBVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE BIOSPH-L firstname lastname.

BosNet - Daily digest of news and discussions about Bosnia and Herzegovia, including news from the international press. To subscribe, or for more information, email to or (both of these are email addresses for individuals, simply send either of them a message asking to be added to the group).

CC's List and Yanoff's Net Services List - two lists of gopher, ftp, telnet, eta sites on the Internet. To receive these lists, simply send an email message to Don't put anything in the subject line, and don't put anything in the text part of the message - simply fill in the address and send it off. The lists will be automatically sent to your computer.

CEDA-L - Cross Examination Debate Association. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@CORNELL.EDU with the one line message SUBSCRIBE CEDA-L firstname lastname. Contributions to the list should be sent to CEDA-L@CORNELL.EDU.

China News Digest - News digest service about China and Chinese: to subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@ASUACAD.BITNET or LISTSERV@ASUACAD [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE CHINA-NN; or send email to LISTSERV@KENTVM.BITNET or LISTSERV@KENTVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE CHINA-ND.

CJUST-L - Criminal Justice Discussion List. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU or LISTSERV@UWAVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE CJUST-L firstname lastname.

DATANET - on social sciences in Israel, emphasis on empirical research. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@TAUNIVM.TAU.AC.IL or LISTSERV@TAUNIVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE DATANET firstname lastname.

DISARM-D - On disarmament, military and political technology, peace activism, etc. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU or LISTSERV@ALBNYVM1 [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE DISARM-D firstname lastname.

DISARM-L - on disarmament, a monthly digest of materials that are mostly from DISARM-D. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU or LISTSERV@ALBNYVM1 [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE DISARM-L firstname lastname.

Electronic journals: to get a listing about existing electronic journals, send an email to with the commands GET EJOURNL1 DIRECTRY and GET EJOURNL2 DIRECTRY - the two"get"commands should be on different lines in the message body.

FORENS-L - forensic aspects of anthropology, biology, chemistry, pathology, expert witnessing and presentation of evidence in court, etc (Hey, this paper is about forensics, isn't it?). To subscribe, send email to FORENS-REQUEST@ACC.FAU.EDU or FORENS REQUEST@FAUVAX [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE FORENS-L firstname lastname.

GOVDOC-L - all about government documents. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU or LISTSERV@PSUVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE GOVDOC-L firstname lastname.

Government Documents via Email: send email to, with the body of the message send help

ISLAM-L - forum for discussion, debate, and exchange of information on Islam and its history. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@ULKYVM.LOUISVILLE.EDU or LISTSERV@ULKYVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUB ISLAM-L firstname lastname.

MEDNEWS - Health Info-Com Network Newsletter, containing material from FDA News, AIDS News, and information from major health organizations. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU or LISTSERV@ASUACAD [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE MEDNEWS firstname lastname.

NATODATA - distribution of public data from NATOt including press releases, communiques, NATO Review Articles, NATO factsheets, etc. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@BLEKUL11.BITNET or LISTSERV@BLEKUL11 [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE NATODATA firstname lastname; or send email to LISTSERV@CCL.KULEUVEN.AC.BE with one line message SUBSCRIBE NATODATA firstname lastname.

NAVNEWS - Navy News Service, official news and information about fleet operations and exercises, personnel policies, budget actions, and documents. To subscribe, send email to NAVNEWS@NCTAMSLANT.NAVY.MIL. Documents are also available via the same address.

NDT-L - National Debate Tournament. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU or LISTSERV@UGA [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE NDT-L firstname lastname. Contributions to the list should be sent to NDT-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU

News Mail Servers - allows you to post to USENET news via email if you don't have direct posting ability. Send to news-group, or, where news-group-name or is the name of the USENET news group you wish to post to.

PAKISTAN - the Pakistan News Service. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU or LISTSERV@PSUVM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE PAKISTAN firstname lastname; or send email to LISTSERV@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU or LISTSERV@ASUACAD [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE PAKISTAN firstname lastname.

POFP-J - Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Journal. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU or LISTSERV@UGA [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE POFP J firstname lastname.

POLITICS - for serious discussion of political issues. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@UCF1VM.CC.UCF.EDU or LISTSERV@UCF1VM [BITNET] with the one line message SUBSCRIBE POLITICS firstname lastname.

Radio Havana Cuba Newscast - a selection of the top stories in the Radio Havana Cuba newscast, mainly from Cuba, Latin In America, the Caribbean, and Africa. For more information, or to subscribe, send email to SUPPORT@IGC.APC.ORG

Russia - Information on Russia and her neighbors. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU or LISTSERV@INDYCMS [BITNET] with the one line message SUB RUSSIA firstname lastname.

UN - Discussion of the UN. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV@INDYCMS [BITNET] or LISTSERV@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU with the one line message SUB UN firstname lastname.

White House email Addresses - seen Gore's listed two ways - the most common is, the other is vice

Some Gopher Sites Relevant to Competitive Forensics

Note that more gopher sites are listed than any other resource. That is due to the ease of use of gopher technology. Thus, when there was a choice between, for example, listing an FTP or gopher address, the gopher was usually provided.

Public gopher client. If you don't have a gopher on your campus, telnet to one of these:, use gopher as the login name, use gopher as the login name, use gopher as the login name, login as panda, use gopher as the login name, use gopher as the login name, login as wsuinfo, login as wiscinfo, login as infopath, login as gwis, login as nicol, use gopher as the login name

Agricultural Extension Service - USDA info and a lot of other government info: gopher, or gopher

Agriculture, Dept of - Info from the Extension Service, National Agriculture Library, etc: gopher

Agricultral Economics and Statistics - gopher

AIDS Information - AIDS statistics, including daily summaries from newspaper articles, full text of AIDS Treatment News: gopher 700, select Sexuality, select Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); or gopher, select AIDS Related Information.

AP/Reuters/UPI Wire Services: gopher, select library services, select reference sources; or try gopher

Billy Barron's Library List - how to access hundreds of online bibliographic databases and libraries around the world: gopher 7000, select Libraries.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Documents - stats on lots of justice topics: gopher, select United Nations Justice Network, then select Bureau of Justice Statistics Documents.

Canada Information: gopher

Canadian National Library: gopher

CIA World Factbook - this is actually available in a lot of places. Try these two gopher servers first: gopher, select Electronic Books at the Wiretap, then select CIA World Factbook; or, try gopher, select Libraries, then select Reference Works, then select CIA World Factbook.

CNN Headline News: gopher; or gopher 925

Congressional Committee Assignments/Other Congressional Information - can browse or search by key words: gopher, select social sciences resources, select government and politics, select u.s. government resources: legislative branch; or try gopher, select educational resources, select united states, select government, select congress

Congressional Directories - searchable database on all members of Congress: gopher, select U.S. Congress, select Congressional Directories.

Databases via Telnet - access to major commercial and free databases around the world, including Penpages, Dow Jones, eta: gopher, select Library Services, select Databases via Telnet; or gopher, select Databases via telnet.

Economic Bulletin Board from Dept of Commerce: gopher; or gopher; or gopher, select social sciences research, select economics.

Economics Gopher: gopher, select Economics

Economic Journals: gopher

Electronic books - Full-length electronic books: gopher, select Electronic Books at Wiretap, or select various ETEXT Resources on the Internet; or gopher, select Libraries, select Electronic Books.

Electronic Journals - several are available at various locations: gopher; gopher, select Electronic Serials; gopher, select Library; gopher, select Instant Karma Zine Stand; gopher; or a whole bunch of other places.

Electronic Newstand - sample articles and subscription information for over 90 business, political and news magazines: gopher 2100; or gopher; or gopher, login as enews

EnviroGopher - lots of environmental information: gopher, or gopher

Environmental Factsheets - like the name suggests: gopher, select organizations and publications, select office of recycling and environmental information.

Environmental Issues - essays and book reviews covering environmental issues: gopher, choose Environmental Issues and Ideas.

Environmental Protection Agency: gopher

ERIC Resources: gopher; or gopher; or gopher, select library, suinfo and data archives, select eric

Etext Pointers - pointers on where to obtain electronic text on the Internet and elsewhere. This is from the USENET alt.etext archive and is updated daily: gopher, select Usenet alt.etext Archives

Evanston, IL - If you're going to a tournament at Northwestern, try using the Northwestern Gopher to look at the menus of several Evanston restaurants: gopher (Note that many other University gophers provide similar materials).

Executive Branch Resources - names and addresses for the Cabinet, budget info, Federal Register, other Executive Branch information: gopher, select Social Sciences Resources, select Government and Politics, select U.S. Government Resources: Executive Branch; or try gopher

Federal Register - full text and on-line in a lot of places: gopher, select Government Docs; or gopher, select Counterpoint Publishing, select Federal Register; or gopher, select Hot Topics: What's New in Gopher, select Federal Register.

GAO Reports - a lot of them, especially from the Clinton transition period: gopher, select government documents, select GAO Transition Reports.

Government and Civics Archives - lots of laws, treaties, historical and legal documents: gopher, select Government Docs (US & World).

Government Documents - several are available at these sites: gopher; or try gopher

Government Information - Compiled sources of Govt info: gopher, select Special Collections: New York State and Federal Info; or gopher, select beginning unix and the internet.

InfoSlug - an extensive virtual library, including an extensive collection of electronic journals, newspapers, and reference books, including lots of specialized indexes (AIDS and high energy physics, for example): gopher

Internet Guides: gopher, select inetdirs

Israel Information: gopher

Israeli News - articles on Israel, including conference news and newspaper reports: gopher 71, select Israel Projects, select Israel Info

Law Resources - large list of Internet resources on the law, including mailing lists, law library catalogs, FTP sites and USENET newsgroups: gopher, select Reference Desk, select 300 - Social Science, select 340 - Law, select Law resources on the Internet.

Law Server - Library resources, government agencies, periodicals and lists of other legal resources on the Internet: gopher; or gopher

Library of Congress - gopher

Library Resources - access to many library resources, including lists, articles, newsletter, electronic journals, and library catalogs: gopher, select Special Collections: Libraries.

Merit Network Information Center - Information on the Internet, GAO and OMB reports, Budget reports, lots more: gopher

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - lots of health statistics, including stats on AIDS: gopher

Mother Jones - full text, online, and free: gopher

National Library of Medicine Locator - searches book holdings database, audiovisual holdings database, and journal holdings database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine: gopher el, select health sciences resources on the internet

National Science Foundation - press releases, full text of select NSF publications, etc: gopher

NATO - Communiques, fact sheets, other papers from NATO: gopher, select Sunsite Archives, select US and World Politics, select Sunsite Political Science Archives, select nato; or gopher, select Government Docs (US & World), select NATO Press Releases.

NavNews - full text of the Navy News Service: gopher, select federal government information, select federal information resources, select information by agency, select military agencies.

New Republic - current issue and back issues are online: gopher

Newsletters and Journals Available Through Gopher - selection of online newsletters and journals covering education, humanities, law, medicine, politics, and more: gopher, select Remote Information..., select Electronic Documents; or gopher, select Library Services, select Newsletters & Journals.

Online Book Initiative - books, journals, catalogs, magazines: gopher, select OBI The Online Book Initiative.

Online Publications - lots of online electronic magazines, essays, and articles, including articles from Whole Earth Review and other unique sources: gopher, select Publications

Play Scripts - a good source for oral interp, numerous play scripts and other drama-related materials: gopher english, select Drama.
Poetry Assortments - useful for oral interp, a large collection of poetry arranged by author: gopher, select Other Stuff, select Fun Stuff, select Poems

Public Access Catalogs - Listing of online Internet public access library catalogs and databases: gopher, select OBI The Online Book Initiative, select The Online Books, select Access.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute Daily Report - Full text of a daily digest of the latest developments in Russia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe: gopher, select news services

Science Articles - online science articles and book reviews: gopher, select Science

Searching for Software - search and retrieve software from all over the world: gopher, select Search and Retrieve Software.

Senate Hearings Bibliography - updated monthly: gopher, select NCSU s Library without Walls, select Study Carrels, select Government and Law, select Bibliography of Senate Hearings.

Short Stories - possibly useful for oral interp: gopher, select Publications

Supreme Court Rulings - available"within minutes"of their release: gopher, select Educational Resources, select United States, select Supreme Court.

The Scientist - current issues of the online version of this biweekly newspaper: gopher, select The Scientist - Newsletter; or gopher, select Subject Area Resources, select Educational TV, select The Scientist Newsletter.

Theater, Plays, and Musicals - A likely source for oral interp materials: gopher, select Theatre-Plays and Musicals.

U.S. Federal Government Information - Info is categorized by subject: gopher, select Libraries, select Information from the US Federal Government.

U.S. Government Bulletin Board System List - list of dial-up U.S. Govt bulletin Boards: gopher, select Society for Electronic Accessw select List of U.S. Gov.

U.S. Government Gopher Servers - more than a dozen govt gopher servers are linked here: gopher, select other u.s. government gopher servers

U.S. Government Today - current info on House and Senate, their phone numbers and fax numbers, the U.S. Budget, etc.: gopher, select Government Docs (US & World), select US Government Today.

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - documents pertaining to the June 1992 Rio Conference: gopher, select educational resources, select international, select united nations, select environconf

United Nations Gopher - lots of information on the UN, press releases, etc.: gopher

United Nations Resolutions - UN resolutions on Iraq, other UN covenants and declarations: gopher, select Government Docs, select United Nations Resolutions; or gopher

UPI News Index: gopher, select CNS, select News-UPI News

USA Today - sample articles: gopher, select News & Weather, select Electronic Newspapers, select USA Today

USA Today Update: gopher

Voice of America Newswire: gopher, select internet network services

Washington and Lee University Law Library - legislative bill information, indexes to legal periodicals: gopher

Washington Post - sample articles: gopher, select News & Weather, select Electronic Newspapers, select Washington Post.

White House Info - press releases, speeches, etc. This is actually available in a lot of places: gopher; or gopher; or gopher; or gopher; or gopher

Women's Book List - a list of books on the role of women in society, including sexism, feminism, etc: gopher english, select Bibliographies, select Women's Center Book List

World Health Organization - press releases, etc: gopher; or gopher

Some Telnet Sites Relevant to Competitive Forensics

Biotechnology info, including the electronic publication of Biotech Briefs: telnet, login as super.
Book Stacks Unlimited - an on-line book store that allows searches of their holdings by author, title, keywords, etc. You place an order and they mail the books to you: telnet

Business Periodicals Index - available through Abilene Library Consortium: telnet, login as alcpac

CARL System - search for keywords from any of five databases (library catalogs, current articles, information databases, other library systems, library and system news). What is probably most useful is UnCover: telnet, login as PAC. You can also try the above address but login as Carl, terminal type vt100. Third, try telnet Or, try telnet, login as Carl, terminal type vt100; or telnet, at the first prompt enter pact, and then hit the enter/return key twice.

CIS Info: telnet, login as ex-ussr

Cleveland Freenet. This includes complete text of recent (about the last 3-4 years) Supreme Court decisions, an on-line copy of USA Today, access to the Cleveland library, and other things. Use the telnet command: telnet, or telnet, or telnet, or telnet, username of visitor. There are a lot of other freenets as well - see the listing below.

Commerce Dept Economic Bulletin Board: telnet, login as trial. Note: this may no longer be a free service, but see gopher listings for other locations.

Congressional Legislation - files tracking and describing legislation for all Congressional sessions since 1973: telnet, password Federal Legislation.

Dartmouth College Library Online System - search and browse, information about titles, authors and publications. Can search books and periodicals for keywords and view the text: telnet

DWIL - available through the Notre Dame Library. This includes the Reader's Guide, General Sciences, and Applied Science and Tech indexes: telnet, at the"enter command"prompt type Library

EnviroNet - menu-driven, environmental data in lots of forms: telnet, login as envnet, password henniker

Environmental Protection Agency Online Library System - access to the online catalogs of EPS libraries, citations for sources on various environmental hazards and issues, directory of govt info on environment: telnet, login as public, select ols

ERIC: telnet, type dial vtam and enter, type nerluis felskya and enter. To exit, % off or undial.

Eureka - online resources of the Research Libraries Group, including the RLIN bibliographic files and the CitaDel article citation and document-delivery service: telnet eureka

FedWorld. A bulletin board system designed to help distribute scientific and technical information contained in thousands of files: telnet

Food and Drug Administration - FDA Bulletin Board, news releases, AIDS information, etc: telnet, login as bbs -

Freenets - most of these are similar to the Cleveland Freenet described earlier. Check them out:
Youngstown Freenet: telnet, or telnet, login as visitor National Capital Freenet: telnet, login as visitor
Victoria Freenet: telnet, login as guest
Tallahassee Freenet: telnet, login as visitor
Denver Free-Net: telnet, login as visitor
CapAccess: telnet, login as guest or visitor
M-Net: telnet, or telnet m-net.ann, login as um-m- net
NYX: telnet, login as nyx

Government Documents - Cal Berkeley has fully catalogued all of their government dons, however, not all are listed by Supt of Docs call number: telnet

History Databases: telnet, login as history; or telnet, login and password are ihr-uk

InfoTrac - available through Univ Wisconsin Stout: telnet

Launchpad - provides access to many library systems around the country. Can perform searches, download files, etc: telnet, login as launch.

Library of Congress: telnet

PenPages - info server on various agricultural topics: telnet, use your two-letter state abbreviation as the login name.

Public Opinion Polls - several, including USA Today, Louis Harris, etc.: telnet, login as irss1 or irss2 at the USERID prompt, password is IRSS

Reader's Guide, the on-line version: telnet
Science and Technology Information System: telnet, login as public

Washington & Lee University Law Library - search for keywords, read case law, search for books, articles and other publications: telnet, login as lawlib.

The Well - a for-pay Bulletin Board System, cost of around $20/month. However, you might be able to get access to things here that you can't locate for free: telnet

The World - another for-pay Bulletin Board System. This one has Clarinet/UPI and Reuters news. Cost is $5 per month and $2 per hour, or $20 for 20 hours: telnet

Some USENET News Groups Relevant to Competitive Forensics

The term"news group"does not mean that the following are all actual news wire stories. Instead a news group is simply a variation on email discussion lists. While Clarinet does offer UPI wire stories via USENET groups, most of the discussion is by
normal everyday people.

Note that a complete list of USENET groups is posted monthly to the news groups news.announce.newusers and news.qroups.
Usenet News via Gopher - If you want to read Usenet news, but don't have the correct connections, you can do it via Gopher: gopher, select News & Weather, select USENET News; or gopher, select Usenet News Reader. alt.politics - there are lots of alt.politics. newsgroups that may be of interest to you. Some of them include the following:
alt.politics.clinton (about Bill Clinton)
alt politics.democrats (about the Democrats)
alt (European Community)
alt.politics.economics (about economics) (Politics at the UN)
alt.politics.usa.republicans (about the Republicans) - These are the newsgroups from Clarinet, which includes UPI wire feeds. To have access to these newsgroups, your local system must subscribe to the Clarinet groups. Some of the ones relevant to forensics include the following: (general economic news) (Europe news) (International government) (US government) europe (Eastern Europe) (former Soviet Union) (law related issues) (Supreme Court rulings) (military issues)

courts.usa.federal.supreme - the Supreme Court.


The sources listed below are all helpful for getting started on the Internet, and using some of the network tools described in this Resource Guide.

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