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"The faculty was awesome and they helped me improve in every area possible."

"The faculty is just plain phenomenal."

"The best part about this institute was the willingness and ability of the staff to adapt and change according to the needs and desires of the students."

"Working with debate big names, national champions, and best speakers was very, very inspiring and an enriching experience."

Here are some of the faculty members who have taught at WDI in the last few years.


Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider, University of Vermont
Founder of WDI. Outstanding college debater at Brown University, Third place 1972 NDT, 32 years as college coach, originator of gaming paradigm, 1993 National Coach of the Year, 2003 American Forensic Association Zeigelmueller Award winner for service to debate, one of the most widely published debate theorists in the world. 1997-98 CEDA President. Internationally recognized debate teacher and lecturer.


Justin Green, Georgetown University One of America's brightest and most suiccessful youg debate coaches. Successful debater for Wake Forest University and successful coach at University of North Texas.

Lisa Heller, Cape Cod Community College Successful debater for Vermont then successful coach for Richmond, Pittsburgh, and Bates. Recently Director of Rhode Island Debate League based out of Brown University. Special expertise in public and parliamentary debating.

Jason Jarvis, Kyung Hee University A successful debater for Emory Univ., became a successful coach at Wake Forest Univ., Augustana College, and now is the a Sun Devil. WDI graduate. Now directs Asian Debate Institute.

Kevin Kuswa, University of Richmond Top speaker in high school policy debate at NFL nationals, winner of the NDT for Georgetown and now a successful coach after completing his doctorate. Specializes in new and creative forms of critical argument and counterplans.

Steve Llano, University of Pittsburgh Has been a successful high school and now college coach. Special expertise in teaching novice policy debaters and in parliamentary debating. Recently taught at International Debate Academy in Europe.

Jillian Marty, University of Alabama Successful debater for Vermont, named to All American team, reached elim rounbds at CEDA nationals, won numerous tournaments, now a successful coach with doctoral fellowship at University of Alabama.

Jackie Massey, University of Oklahoma Has qualified teams for the elimination rounds at NDT and CEDA Nationals. Eastern USA College Debate Coach of the Year 2000-2001. Expertise in ecological and holistic argument. Team finished #5 in national policy debate sweepstakes for 2004-2004.

John Meany, Claremont Colleges Over 25 years as college coach. Outstanding college debater at Boston College, Top Speaker at 1975 National Round Robin. Innovative argument theorist. In 1993-94 his teams placed in the national top ten in CEDA, LD, and Parliamentary debate. Now America's leading authority on parliamentary debating theory and practice. Recent author of popular parliamentary debating tectbooks.

Gordie Miller, University of Rochester Outstanding debater, won four tournaments in 1994-95, #1 varsity debater in the East 1994-95. WDI graduate in high school and college. Winner of CEDA National Outstanding Judge Award.

Helen Morgan, University of Vermont Twice an All American, elims at CEDA & NDT, expertise in critical and feminist arguments. Invited to judge CEDA final round in 2005.

Larry Moss, Atlanta University Center Co-Founder of the Atlanta Urban Debate League, and formerly a successful high school coach in Georgia, is now coordinating college debate at the Atlanta University Center. Has previous experience in youth violence prevention projects. Professor of Political Science.

Sam Nelson, University of Rochester A debater for Southern California, has coached at Cornell, Vermont and at Rochester has directed team to national prominence including winning national policy debate sweepstakes. Has a law degree.

Debbie Newman, English Speaking Union, UK Former President of the Cambridge Union. England and Wales debate champion 2001.

Justin Parmett, University of Vermont Successful debater now a successful coach, special expertise in 2AR.

Jason Regnier, University of Iowa CEDA national champion for Fort Hays State University. Special expertise in performance.

Rodrigo Rojas, Diego Portales University, Chile Leading South American debate coach, winner of a Fulbright. International Fellowship.

Maxwell Schnurer, Marist College Outstanding college debater at the University of Vermont. Specializes in debate and social activism. Winner of numerous judging awards. WDI graduate. Author of popular debate in the classroom textbook.

Rae Schwartz, University of Iowa Named East Region Debater of the Year for Vermont in 1998-99, special expertise in feminist argumentation.

Kate Shuster, Claremont Colleges 1996 NDT champion for Emory, pioneer in application of critiques to policy debate, veteran of numerous high school institutes. Expertise in teacher training and public debate. Recent author of popular parliamentary debating tectbooks.

Bojana Skrt, Slovenian National Debate Program Respected international debate trainer and organizer, past vice president of International Debate Education Association, director of Internation Debate Academy in Europe, member of World Schools Debating Championship Council, President of Slovenian Union of NGOs.

Sarah Snider, DC Urban Debate League East Region Debater of the Year in 1999-2000, twice an All American, special expertise in affirmative strategy.

Jason Stone, University of Central Oklahoma Successful debater for Southeast Louisiana, now a successful coach and author as well as a good parent.

Melissa Wade, Emory University
Coach of CEDA National Champions, ADA National Champions, NDT Top First Round, and 2nd Place NDT -- all in the 1997-98 season. 1995 Brownlee Award winner. Masterminds largest debate squad in the nation. Coach of the Year in 1991. Community leader in debate outreach to unserved populations, including inner city and rural schools. Debate's most dynamic lecturer.

Steve Woods, Western Washington University Over 10 years as college coach. Masters degree from Kansas State, PhD Florida State. Coached national champions and top speaker at nationals. Voted 1994-95 Best Judge in East. College Policy. All Sessions.