Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

March 19-22, 1999

Two Hundred Debate Teams and One Hundred and Sixty-two Judges

Many Voices, One Community

I have assembled about 150 or so photos of the CEDA Nationals for people to look at. I took them at random, so don't feel bad if you were left out. The lighting could have been better in spots, and I am a raw amateur, becoming involved only because I have a digital camera which saves to diskettes. Thanks to the tournament staff for facilitating my small efforts. Feel free to download any of these photos you want. Simply hold down the cursor over the photo you want and it should ask if you wish to save it to your hard disk. Next year I will try and be more organized.

Looking into these faces I do not see competitors, but sisters, brothers, and loving friends. What do you see?

-Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider
University of Vermont