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Faculty Members
  • add alt tag Matthew Price
    Assistant Professor and Director of CREST
    Department of Psychology
    (802) 656-3801
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    Curriculum Vitae
  • My research focuses on creating innovative strategies to expand the reach of clinical care for victims of traumatic events and those suffering from anxiety disorders. To achieve this goal, my lab uses a translational framework in which we first identify fundamental mechanisms of treatment response for evidence-based interventions. These findings are then used to develop and evaluate novel interventions delivered through widely available technologies (e.g. mobile devices, remote sensors, websites).

    I am especially interested in treatments that can be administered in acute care settings (e.g. Emergency Departments, Trauma Centers) to reduce distress shortly after trauma exposure. This research is multidisciplinary by nature and my team collaborates regularly with experts across a wide range of fields including computer science, bioinformatics, human factors, health services, nursing, medicine, and neuroscience.

Faculty Collaborators
  • add alt tag Christian Skalka
    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science

    My research interest is in the intersection of computer science theory and practice. My work has focused on the design of programming languages, especially type disciplines, to support security and safety in programs. This includes general purpose languages and domain specific languages for embedded systems. I also study the real-world application of modern embedded systems software and hardware to environmental sciences.

Community Partners
Graduate Students
  • Zoe Brier

    Zoe obtained her BS in psychology from the University of Michigan in 2015. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant at the Bradley/Hasbro Children’s Research Center in Providence, Rhode Island on multiple studies following teens after discharge from hospital settings using mobile technology. Zoe is interested in short in long term outcomes following traumatic experiences, and mobile technology as an assessment and intervention tool. Zoe joined CREST in 2017.

  • Ally Alison Legrand 

    Ally graduated from UI-Chicago in 2014. After, she worked as a research technician at the Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders at Boston University aiding in CODA project. She is interested in how technology can be used to better understand behavioral and neurological changes following a traumatic event to help inform PTSD intervention, particularly in cases of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Ally joined CREST in 2016.

  • Katherine van Stolk-Cooke

    Cassie earned her bachelor's degree from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2012. Following graduation, she worked in a research lab at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons developing and pilot-testing an adaptive text messaging intervention for problem drinkers. Her current research interests are the application of technology to the development and expansion of evidence-based treatment for clinical populations, and the refinement of existing research and treatment methodologies through the use of these media. Cassie joined CREST in 2015.

Undergraduate Research Assistants
  • Julie P Connor 

    Julie is a neuroscience major at UVM. She is interested in the connection between mental and physical health and wellbeing. Specifically, she hopes to explore the role that exercise and mindfulness can play in the treatment of a variety of conditions involving stress, anxiety and pain. After graduation, Julie hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Outside of school, Julie loves to run, practice yoga and hike.

  • Bethany Harris

    Bethany Harris is a psychology major with a minor in biological anthropology. She is most interested in depression and other mood disorders in children and young adults. She plans to pursue a graduate degree after UVM in order to become a clinical psychologist. When she’s not working, Bethany enjoys reading, knitting, sculpting, or playing with her cat, Milo.

  • Rebecca Mirhashem

    Rebecca is an undergraduate student at UVM majoring in psychology. She is interested in the roles family structure and environment play in adolescent addiction. After UVM, Rebecca is interested in attending graduate school. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys hiking, running, and snowboarding.

  • Annie Resnikoff

    Annie is majoring in early childhood special education with a major concentration in psychology. She is particularly interested in the way family relationships affect child outcomes, especially when adverse situations are involved. After graduation, Annie hopes to attend graduate school and eventually be a psychologist serving children with special needs. In her free time, Annie enjoys running, playing tennis and watching old movies.

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