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A Message From the Director of Compliance Services and Chief Privacy Officer
As we begin a new semester, it is important that all faculty and staff be informed about certain policies that are most relevant to UVM's stated values and to UVM's compliance program. Please review this information carefully and if you have any questions, reach out to the contact person listed in the policy. You can always reach out to the Office of Compliance Services directly if you have additional questions.

The intent of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards (the Code) is to communicate the principles and standards that have been identified as most relevant to the University's stated values. While the Code is the foundation of the compliance program and highlights those policies most critical to the program, UVM's policies and procedures extend beyond those identified in the Code and all members of the UVM community are required to adhere to those policies applicable to them.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

Our Common Ground

Whistleblower Policy: Reporting, Protections & Non-retaliation

A full list of UVM's Policies and University Operating Procedures can be found on the Institutional Policy Website.


All UVM employees, whether full-time or part-time, whether faculty, staff, administrators, are required to disclose  potential conflicts of interest/commitment as they arise. Certain individuals must also file an annual conflicts disclosure form. Whether policy requires that annual disclosure form be filled out or not, everyone is required to disclose potential conflicts to their manager, supervisor, chair or dean. Examples of potential conflicts and individual requirements are outlined in UVM's policy. Read More »

The University has established technology controls, administrative controls and physical controls in order to safeguard the personal, sensitive, confidential and otherwise protected data that we collect, store or otherwise have been entrusted with. These controls and safeguards include those written in policies governing the acceptable use of computers, devices and data. They also include the University's privacy and information security policies and related procedures. All members of the University community who have access to UVM systems and data have responsibility to make sure that this information is protected. For more information on UVM's privacy program, contact the Chief Privacy Officer at For more information on UVM's information security program, visit UVM's Information Security Webpage