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Travel & Expense Reimbursement

Travel & Expense Reimbursement


Important updates and reminders  
Attestation certifications for Travel & Expense reports and the Purchasing Card journals have been updated for July 1. The revised certification includes compliance with the Fly America Act. The Fly America Act directs how international airfare is purchased with federal funds. At UVM, this means that international airfare purchased with federal GCA01 projects must comply with the Fly America Act. See an overview of the federal regulations, a decision matrix, best practices and documentation recommendations.
Before the trip
During your travel
  • Keep required original, itemized receipts (double-check Travel Policy for travel meal requirements)
  • Generic Receipt
  • If expense is on a credit card, keep both the itemized and summary slips
  • For long trips, keep a log or journal
  • Paying for services abroad: W8Ben with Receipt
After the trip
  • In PeopleSoft:
    • Create an expense report, within 60 days
    • Create from travel authorization
    • Attach cash advance, due within 30 days
  • Print expense report
    • Attach original, itemized receipts
    • See Travel Policy for travel meal receipt requirements
  • Route for necessary approvals

Expense Reimbursements

If UVM reimburses for an expense, the item becomes University property.

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