BWV 98 Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan I

Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity.

Poet unknown.

1. Samuel Rodigast, verse 1 of the hymn, 1674 (Fischer-Tümpel, IV, #467).

10 November 1726, Leipzig.

BG 22; NBA I/25.

1. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

What God doth, that is rightly done,
His will is just forever;
Whatever course he sets my life,
I will trust him with calmness.
He is my God,
Who in distress
Knows well how to support me;
So I yield him all power.

2. Recit. (T)

Ah, God! When wilt thou me at last
From my torment and pain,
And from my fear deliver?
How long then must I day and night
For help be crying?
And there's no savior here!
The Lord is to them all so near
Who in his might
And in his grace are trusting.
So I will all my confidence
On God alone establish,
For he betrays his people not.

3. Aria (S)

Cease, ye eyes, henceforth your weeping!
For I bear
And endure my heavy yoke.
God, the Father, liveth still,
Of his people
None betraying.
Cease, ye eyes, henceforth your weeping!

4. Recit. (A)

God hath a heart which with forgiveness overflows;
And when our voices to his ears complain
And him the cross's pain
In faith and confidence recall,
So doth his heart then break,
That he must for our sake then pity take.
He keeps his word;
He saith: Knock ye here,
And opened will it be!(1)
So let us from this day,
When in supreme distress we hover,
Our hearts to God alone be lifting!

5. Aria (B)

I my Jesus shall not leave
Till me first his countenance
Shall give favor or its blessing.

    He alone
    Shall my shield in all things be
    Which with danger may confront me.

1. Cf. Mt. 7:7.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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