BWV 74 Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten II

Pentecost (Whitsunday).

Based on Christiane Mariane von Ziegler, Versuch in Gebundener Schreibart, Teil I (Leipzig, 1728); Facs: Neumann T, p. 362.

1. Jn. 14:23; 4. Jn. 14:28; 6. Rom. 8:1; 8. Paul Gerhardt, verse 2 of "Gott Vater, sende deinen Geist," 1653 (Fischer- Tümpel, III, #414).

20 May 1725, Leipzig; Parody: 1, 2 ← BWV 59/1, 4.

BG 18; NBA I/13.

1. Chorus [Dictum] (S, A, T, B)

He who loves me will keep my commandments, and my Father, too, will love him, and we shall unto him come then and make our dwelling with him.

2. Aria (S)

Come, come, my heart to thee is open,
Ah, let it now thy dwelling be!
I do love thee and must be hopeful:
Thy word is now in me fulfilled;
For who thee seeks, fears, loves and honors,
With him the Father is content.
I do not doubt that I am heeded
And shall in thee my comfort find.

3. Recit. (A)

Thy dwelling is prepared.
Thou hast my heart, to thee alone devoted,
So let me never suffer
That thou shouldst mean from me to part,
For I will never let, ah, never let it happen.

4. Aria [Dictum] (B)

I go from here and come again unto you. If I had your love, then would ye be rejoicing.

5. Aria (T)

Come, hasten, tune your strings and anthems
In lively and with joyful song.
Though he now leaves, again he cometh,
The high-exalted Son of God.

    But Satan will be now attempting
    Thy people to bring condemnation.
    He is my obstacle,
    My faith is, Lord, in thee.

6. Recit. [Dictum] (B)

There is nought destructible in any who in Christ, Lord Jesus, live.

7. Aria (A)

Nought could me deliver
From hell's very shackles
But, Jesus, thy blood.

    Thy passion, thy dying
    Are mine to inherit:
    I'll laugh at hell's wrath.

8. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

No human child here on the earth
Is worthy of this noble gift,
In us there is no merit;
Here nought doth count but love and grace
Which Christ for us hath merited
With suff'ring and healing.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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