BWV 49 Ich geh und suche mit Verlangen (Dialogus)

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity.

Poet unknown.

6. Philipp Nicolai, verse 7 of "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern," 1599, with interpolated aria.

3 November 1726, Leipzig.

BG 10; NBA I/25.


1. Sinfonia

2. Aria (B) Jesus

I go and search for thee with longing,
Thee, O my doveling,(1) fairest bride.

    Tell me, where art thou left and gone now
    That thee my eye no more can find?

3. Recit. and Arioso (B, S) Jesus, Soul

My feast is now prepared,
And this my marriage table ready,
But still my bride is not yet in attendance.

My Jesus speaks of me;
O voice that maketh me so glad!

I go and look for thee with longing,
Thee, O my doveling, fairest bride.

My bridegroom dear, I fall before thy feet.

(Jesus, Soul)
Come, fairest, come and let me kiss thee,
Thou shalt my
{                     } sumptuous meal(2) enjoy.
Let me thy
Come, O my bride, and
{                                    } hasten now,
My bridegroom dear, I
The wedding raiment to put on.

4. Aria (S) Soul

I am glorious, I am fair,(3)
And my Savior I've impassioned.

    His salvations's righteousness
    Is my cloak of honor bright;
    And in it will I be dressed
    When I unto heaven go.

5. Recit. (S, B) Soul, Jesus

My faith doth hold me with such deep emotion.

So bides my heart to thee devoted,
So will I plight to thee
For evermore be married and betrothéd.(4)

How well for me!
For heaven is to me provided:
Its majesty doth call and sends its very servants(5)
So that the fallen generations
To heaven's hall
At our salvation's meal
As guests may come to dine,
Here I come, Jesus, let me in

So keep till death thy faith,
And I'll to thee the crown of life bequeath.(6)

6. Aria (B) and Choral (S) Jesus, Soul

Thee have I loved with love eternal,(7)

    How am I now so truly glad
    My treasure is the A and O,
    Beginning and the ending.
    And therefore draw thee unto me.
    He'll me, indeed, to his great praise
    Receive into his paradise;
    For this I'll clap my hands now.
I'm coming soon,
    Amen! Amen!
I stand before the door,(8)
    Come, thou lovely crown of gladness, do not tarry.
Unlock it, mine abode!
    I await thee with great longing.
Thee have I loved with love eternal,
And therefore draw thee unto me.

1. Cf. S. of S. 5:2; 6:9.

2. Cf. Is. 25:6.

3. Cf. Mt. 22:11-14.

4. Hos. 2:21.

5. Cf. Mt. 22:2.

6. Cf. Rev. 2:10.

7. Cf. Jer. 31:3.

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© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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