BWV 43 Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen


Poet unknown (Christoph Helm?);(1) PT (Rudolstadt, 1726).

1. Ps. 47:6-7; 4. Mk. 16:19; 5-10. based upon the six verses of the poem "Mein Jesus hat nunmehr"; 11. Johann Rist, verses 1 and 13 of "Du Lebensfürst, Herr Jesu Christ," 1641 (Fischer-Tümpel, II, #188).

30 May 1726, Leipzig.

BG 10; NBA I/12.

First Part

1. Chorus [Dictum] (S, A, T, B)

God goeth up with shouting and the Lord with ringing of trumpets. Sing praises, sing praise to God, sing praises, sing praises to our Lord and King.

2. Recit. (T)

Now would the Highest for himself a triumph ready;
For he captivity himself hath captive led.(2)
Who haileth him? Who is it who the trumpets sound?
Who goeth at his side now?
Is it not God's own host,
Which for his name's great praise,
Strength, fame, rule, pow'r and might with open voices singeth
And him now evermore a hallelujah bringeth.

3. Aria (T)

Yea, thousands on thousands in convoys of wagons,(3)
The king of all kings shall sing praises, proclaiming
That both earth and heaven beneath him now bend,
And all he hath conquered now fully submits.

4. Recit. (S)

And the Lord, once that he amongst them had finished speaking, was there lifted up into heaven and at the right hand of God sitteth.

5. Aria (S)

My Jesus hath henceforth
Salvation's work completed
And maketh his return
To that one who had sent him.
He ends his earthly course,
Ye heavens, open wide
And take him once again!

Second Part

6. Recit. (B)

The hero's hero comes,
Who Satan's prince and terror,
Who even death did fell,
Erased the stain of blemish,
Dispersed the hostile horde;
Ye powers, come with haste
And lift the victor up.

7. Aria (B)

'Tis he who all alone
The wine press hath betrodden(4)
Of torment, pain and woe,
The lost to bring salvation
Through purchase at great price.
Ye thrones all, stir yourselves
And on him laurels set!

8. Recit. (A)

The Father hath him, yea,
A lasting kingdom given:
Now is the hour at hand
When he the crown receiveth
For countless hardship borne.
I stand here by the path
And to him gladly gaze.

9. Aria (A)

I see within my soul
How he at God's own right hand
Doth all his foes strike down
To set free all his servants
From mourning, woe and shame.
I stand here by the path
And on him yearn to gaze.

10. Recit. (A)

He would beside himself
A dwelling for me ready,
In which for evermore
I shall stand close beside him,
Made free of "woe and ah!"
I stand here by the path
And to him grateful call.

11. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

Thou Prince of life, Lord Jesus Christ,
Thou who hast been uplifted
To heaven, where thy Father is
And all the faithful people,
How shall I thy great victory,
Which thou through a most grievous strife
Hast merited, praise rightly
And thy full honor pay thee?

Draw us to thee and we shall run,
Give us of faith the pinions!
Help us our flight from here to make
To Israel’s true mountains!
My God! When shall I then depart
To where I’ll ever happy dwell?
When shall I stand before thee,
Thy countenance to witness?

1. Helm is suggested by W. Blankenburg, BJ (1977).

2. Cf. Ps. 68:18 and Eph. 4:8.

3. Cf. Dan. 7:10 and Ps. 68:17.

4. Cf. Is. 63.3.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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