BWV 30a  Angenehmes Wiederau, freue dich in deinen Auen!

Homage to J. D. von Hennicke, Lord of the Manor and Court of Wiederau near Leipzig.

Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander), PT (Leipzig, 1737); Facs: Neumann T, p. 416.

28 September 1737, Wiederau near Leipzig; Parody: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13 → BWV 30/1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12; 5 → BWV 195/original version 6; 11 →  BWV 210/8.

BG 5, 1, Anh. and 34, Anh.; NBA I/39.

    Time (S), Good Fortune (A), Elster River (T), Fate (B)

1. Aria (S, A, T, B) Time, Good Fortune, Elster River, Fate

O most charming Wiederau,
Joyful be within thy meadows!

    Thy well-being hath henceforth
    Laid down new and solid ground
    For thine Eden to establish.

2. Recit. (B, S, A, T) Fate, Time, Good Fortune, Elster River

So let us draw
Into this household here
With joyful hearts;
Nought shall henceforth from there distract us.
Thou bidest, lovely Wiederau,
The seat of charm and blessing's mead;
But still,

(S, A, T, B)
Thy name itself shall now be changed,
Thou shalt be Hennick's Haven called now!

Take now thy head, to whom thou subject art,
Rejoicing, thus, to thee!

3. Aria (B) Fate

Be welcome in health, be welcome in gladness,
We bless now thine advent, we bless this thy house.

    Be ever like our meadows merry,
    Here open wide all hearts before thee,
    And power doth its wings unfold.

4. Recit. (A) Good Fortune

Today to thee, O honored Hennicke,
Thy Wiederau gives its pledge,
So I'll swear, too,
That I'll unswervingly
Be true and good to thee.
I'll waver not, I'll never yield,
Unto thy side I'll ever bind me.
Thou shalt in ev'ry quarter find me.

5. Aria (S) Time

What the spirit bringeth pleasure,
What delights are highly treasured,
Be thy fief and legacy.

    Mine abundance shall nought spare now
    And thee richly make apparent
    That my store is fully thine.

6. Recit. (B) Fate

And as I always was concerned
With all my care and might,
For thou hast earned it, to protect thee
And gainst all foes to give thee mine assistance,
So shall I also never cease
For thee to watch now
And thy great fame's most glorious course
Yet broader and more flourishing to render.

7. Aria (B) Fate

I will uphold thee
And with thee govern,
Just as one's eye is dearly loved.

    I have thine exaltation,
    Thy health and happy fortune
    On marble columns now inscribed.

8. Recit. (S) Time

And even though the fickle heart
To me is kindred and innate,
Yet here and now let this be said:
So oft the rosy morning dawns,
So long one day the next one lets ensue,
So long will I both strong and firm,
My Hennicke, thy weal
Upon my pinions ever stablish.
Thee shall eternity at last,
Though it on me its limits sets,
Behold when I'm no longer.

9. Aria (S) Time

Haste, ye hours, as ye will,
Wear away and purge all nature!

    But be mindful of one thing,
    That ye this one gem so fine,
    That ye Hennick's fame and fortune
    Evermore protect from time!

10. Recit. (T) Elster River

So good, ye are my honored guests here!
I open field and banks to you.
Here build ye now your shelters
And this your dwelling firmly,
Here seek, here shall ye have a lasting home!
No effort now neglect,
That all your blessings, piled on high,
Upon these plains be freely showered!

11. Aria (T) Elster River

Just as I my drops now offer,
That my Wied'rau green and flourish,
So also now your blessings add!
Tend with care both seed and harvest,
Show that ye think Hennick's name now
Is a most rare and special gem!

12. Recit. (S, B, A) Time, Fate, Good Fortune

Thus, O most charming Wiederau,
Shall thee no bolt, no lightning's fire,
No pestilential dew,
No famine, no decay bring terror!

Thy head, the worthy Hennicke,
Will I with fame and rapture cover.

(Good Fortune)
And his most worthy spouse,
Will I no help or any wish refuse her,

(All three)
The joy of both,
That singular and dearest root, August,(1)
Will I within my bosom carry.

13. Aria (S, A, T, B) Time, Good Fortune, Elster River, Fate

O most charming Wiederau,
Glory now within thy meadows!

    Of thy harvest's majesty,
    Of thine own contented state,
    Shall all time no end e'er witness!

1. I.e., Augustus III, Elector and King of Poland.

Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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