BWV 29 Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir

Inauguration of the New Town Council.

Poet unknown; PT: Nützliche Nachrichten (Leipzig, 1739); Facs: Neumann T, p. 378; PT: for 1749 performance (Leipzig, 1749); Facs: Neumann T, p. 420.

2. Ps. 75:2; 8. Johann Gramann, verse 5 of "Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren," 1548 (Wackernagel, I, #455).

27 August 1731, 1739, and 1749, Leipzig; Parody: 1 ← BWV 1006 and BWV 120a; 2 ← Mass in B Minor, BWV 232/6 and 25 (I,7 and IV, 5).

BG 5, 1; NBA I/32.

1. Sinfonia

2. Chorus [Dictum] (S, A, T, B)

We give thee thanks, God, we give thee thanks and proclaim to the world thy wonders.

3. Aria (T)

Hallelujah, strength and might
To the name of God Almighty!

    Zion is his city still,
    Where he doth his dwelling keep,
    Where he still with our descendants
    Keeps our fathers' covenant.

4. Recit. (B)

Praise God! We are so blest!
God is still our sure confidence,
His shield, his help and light
Protect the town and all its mansions,
His pinions hold the walls unshaken.(1)
He gives us ev'rywhere his blessing,
And faithfulness which kisseth peace
Must evermore
With justice meet together.(2)
Where is a people such as we,
Whom God so near and gracious is?

5. Aria (S)

Remember us with thine affection,
Embrace us in thy mercy's arms!

    Bless all by whom we're governed,
    Those who lead us, guard us, guide us,
    Bless those who obey as well!

6. Recit. (A and S, A, T, B)


Forget in future not with thine own hand
Prosperity to give us;
Thus shall
Henceforth our town and this our land,
Here with thine honor filled,
With sacrifice and thanks extol thee,
With all the people saying:

(S, A, T, B)

7. Aria (A)

Hallelujah, strength and might
To the name of God the Most High!

8. Chorale (S, A, T, B)

Now laud and praise with honor
God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Who would in us make flourish
What he to us in mercy pledged,
That we should firmly trust him,
In full on him depend,
Our hearts on him relying;
That our heart, mind and will
To him with joy be fastened;
So let us sing this hour:
Amen, we shall accomplish it,
We trust with all our heart.(4)

1. Cf. Ps. 122:7.

2. Cf. Ps. 85:11.

3. Cf. Dt. 27:15-26.

4. With Glauben translate "We shall trust..."

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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