BWV 225 Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied

Occasion unknown.

Ps. 149:1-3; Johann Gramann, verse 3 of "Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren," 1530 (Wackernagel, I, #455) and interpolated aria by an unknown poet; Ps. 150:6.

1726/1727, Leipzig.

BG 39; NBA III/1.

Chorus I (S, A, T, B), Chorus II (S, A, T, B)

[Ps. 149:1-3] (Chorus I, Chorus II)

Sing ye the Lord a new refrain; the assembly of saints should be telling his praises. Israel joyful be in him who hath made him. Let Zion’s children rejoice in him who is their mighty king; let them be praising his name’s honor in dances; with timbrels and with psalt’ries unto him be playing.

Chorale (Chorus II)

As doth a father mercy show

Aria (Chorus I)

God, take still further now our part,
    To his own little children dear,
    So doth the Lord to all men,
    If as pure children we him fear.
    He sees our feeble powers,
    God knows we are but dust;
For, lacking thee, nought shall we gain
Of all these our endeavors.
    Just as the grass inmowing,
    Or bud and falling leaf,
    If wind but o’er it bloweth,
    It is no longer there,
So be thou our true shield and light,
And if our hope betray us not,
Thou wilt thus henceforth help us.
    E’en so is man’s life passing,
    His end to him is near.
Blest he whose hope both strong and firm
On thee and on thy grace doth rest.

[Ps. 150:2 and 6] (Chorus I, Chorus II)

Praise ye the Lord in all his doings, praise ye him in all his might and majesty!

All things which breath do draw, praise ye the Lord, hallelujah!

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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