BWV 197 Gott ist unsre Zuversicht

A Wedding.

Poet unknown.

5. Martin Luther, verse 3 of "Nun bitten wir den Heiligen Geist," 1524 (Wackernagel, I, #208); 10. adaptation of Georg Neumark, verse 7 of "Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten," (Fischer-Tümpel, IV, #365).

After 1735 (so Dürr), ca. 1742 (so Neumann), Leipzig; Parody: 6, 8 ←  BWV 197a/4, 6.

BG 13, 1; NBA I/33.

First Part

1. Chorus

God is our true confidence,
We rely on his direction.

    When he doth our pathways lead,
    When he doth our heart command,
    There is blessing everlasting.

2. Recit. (B)

God is and bides the best provider,
He orders best the house.
He guideth all our deeds, sometimes with wonders rare,
Each to a happy end,
To where our purpose had not thought.
What reason thinks impossible,
That comes to pass.
He hath his children’s fortune, those who love him,
From infancy upon his hand long written.

3. Aria (A)

Lull to sleep all care and sorrow,
In the slumber
Which a child's deep trust doth bring.

    God's own eyes, forever watching,
    Serving as our guiding star,
    Will then all, themselves, provide us.

4. Recit. (B)

So follow God and his persuasion.
That is the proper course.
It leads through danger’s path
E’en finally to Canaan
And through the love which he hath tested
E’en to his holy altar, too,
And bindeth heart and heart together;
Lord, be thyself in these warm passions!

5. Chorale (S,A,T,B)

Thou love so sweet, give us thy good will,
Let us feel deeply the fire of love,
So that we sincerely may love each other
And in peace be of one mind forever.
Kyrie eleis!

Second Part

6. Aria (B)

O thou charming bridal pair,
Thee shalt only health encounter,
For God shall from Zion bless thee(1)
And shall guide thee evermore,
O thou charming bridal pair!

7. Recit. (S)

Just as God hath towards thee
With faith and father’s love from childhood's steps intended well,
So would he evermore
Thy first and truest friend
Until the end continue.
And therefore canst thou trust securely,
He will thee ne’er
Amidst thy hands’ great sweat and toil
Let no good thing be lacking.
Rejoice, thy joys cannot be numbered.

8. Aria (S)

Amusement and mirth,
Success and good health
Shall increase and strengthen and comfort.

    The eyes and the breast
    Shall ever its share
    Of sweet satisfaction be given.

9. Recit. (B)

And this thy happy course of life
Shall till thy latter years continue.
For God’s great kindness hath no end;
It gives thee much,
Yea, more than e’en the heart itself could hope for.
Thou ought on this now rest assured.

10. Chorale (S,A,T,B)

So journey glad on God’s true pathways,
And what ye do, that do in faith!
Deserve ye from your God his blessing,
For it is every morning new:
For he who doth his confidence
Place in God, him he’ll not forsake.

1. Cf. Ps. 128:5.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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