BWV 192 Nun danket alle Gott

Unspecified occasion (perhaps Reformation).

Martin Rinckart, the three verses of the hymn, 1636 (Fischer-Tümpel, I, #526).

Ca. 1730.

BG 41; NBA I/34.

1. Chorus [Verse 1] (S, A, T, B)

Now thank ye all our God
With heart and voice and hands,
Who mighty things doth work
For us in every quarter,
Who us from mother’s womb
And infant’s paces on
A countless toll of good
Continues now to do.

2. Aria [Verse 2] (S, B)

The ever bounteous God
Through all our life be willing
An always joyful heart
And noble peace to give us,
And us within his grace
Maintain for evermore,
And us from every want
Deliver here and there.(1)

3. Chorus [Verse 3] (S, A, T, B)

Laud, honor, praise to God,
The Father and the Son now
And him alike to both
On the high throne of heaven,
To God the Three-in-One,
As he was at the first
And is and e'er shall be,
Both now and evermore.

1. I.e., both on earth and in heaven.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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