BWV 182 Himmelskönig, sei willkommen

Palm Sunday or the Annunciation.

Probably Salomo Franck.

1. Ps. 40:8-9; 7. Paul Stockmann, 33rd verse of "Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod," 1633 (Fischer-Tümpel, II, #37).

25 March 1714, Weimar; again 25 March 1724, Leipzig.

BG 37; NBA I/8.

1. Sonata

2. Chorus (S, A, T, B)

King of heaven, thou art welcome,
Let e'en us thy Zion be!

    Come inside,
    Thou hast won our hearts completely.

3. Recit. [Dictum] (B)(1)

Lo now, I'm coming. Of me in the book is written: What thy will is, my God, I do gladly.

4. Aria (B)

Strong compassion,
Which, O mighty Son of God,
From the throne
Of thy majesty did drive thee!
Strong compassion,
That thou didst to heal the world
As a victim give thyself,
That thyself with blood didst sentence.

5. Aria (A)

Lie before your Savior prostrate,
Hearts of all who Christian are!

    Don ye, too, a spotless robe
    Of your faith in which to meet him;
    Life and body and possessions
    To the king now consecrate.

6. Aria (T)

Jesus, let through weal and woe
Me go also with thee!

    Though the world shout "Crucify!"
    Let me not abandon,
    Lord, the banner of thy cross;
    Crown and palm shall I find here.

7. Chorus [Chorale] (S, A, T, B)

Jesus, this thy passion
Brings me purest pleasure;
All thy wounds, thy crown and scorn,
Are my heart's true pasture;
This my soul is all in bloom
Once I have considered:
In yon heaven is a home
To us(2) by this offered.

8. Chorus (S, A, T, B)

So let us go forth to that Salem of gladness,
Attend ye the King both in love and in sorrow.

    He leadeth the way
    And opens the path.

 1. Representing the vox Christi.

 2. Mir 'to me' in contemporary hymnbooks, changed by Bach to uns.

© Copyright  Z. Philip Ambrose

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