BWV 177 Ich ruf, zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ

Fourth Sunday after Trinity.

Johann Agricola, the five verses of the hymn, 1529?/31 (Wackernagel, III, #78 ff.); PT (Leipzig, 1725); Facs: Neumann T, p. 433.

6 July 1732, Leipzig (so Dürr).

BG 35; NBA I/17.

1. Chorus [Verse 1] (S, A, T, B)

I call to thee, Lord Jesus Christ,
I pray thee, hear my crying;
Both lend me grace within this life
And let me not lose courage;
The proper path, O Lord, I seek,
Which thou dost wish to give me:
For thee living,
My neighbor serving well,
Thy word upholding justly.

2. Aria [Verse 2] (A)

I pray still more, O Lord my God,
Thou canst on me bestow this:
That I be never brought to scorn,
Give hope as my companion,
And then, when I must hence depart,
That I may ever trust thee,
Not relying
On my works only,
Else shall I e’er regret it.

3. Aria [Verse 3] (S)

Now grant that I with heart sincere
Be to my foes forgiving;
Forgive me also at this hour,
For me my life renewing;
Thy word my food let always be
With which my soul to nurture,
Me defending,
When sorrow draweth nigh
And threatens to distract me.

4. Aria [Verse 4] (T)

Now let no joy nor fear from thee
Within this world divert me.
Make me steadfast until the end,
Thy hands alone can do it;
Who has thy gifts has them for free;
For no man can inherit
Nor acquire yet
Through his works thy true grace
Which us redeems from dying.

5. Chorale [Verse 5] (S,A,T,B)

I lie midst strife and now resist,
Help, O Lord Christ, my weakness!
Unto thy grace alone I cling,
For thou canst make me stronger.
Come now temptation, Lord, defend,
That it not overthrow me.
Thou canst check it
Lest it bring me to harm;
I know thou wilt not let it.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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